Report: Fashion Tech in a New York State of Mind

Report: Fashion Tech in a New York State of Mind

We’re so pleased to announce that the next issue of our in-depth monthly Fashion Tech Reports is out. This time, we explore the world of fashion tech through the lens of New York City. But first, we’ve packed this report full of juicy fashion tech knowledge.

We cover everything that happened in fashion tech last month: all of the industry news (there was a ton), successful partnerships, newly launched fashion tech startups, and we take a comprehensive look at investments in the space.

In this issue, we introduce you to a couple of movers and shakers: Shauna Mei, founder of AhaLife, and Laura Zapata, founder of The Future of Fashion series. We look at the trends of customization, virtual closets (who’s not building one?) and the proliferation of online / offline companies. We think it’s important to know what tools brands are using, so we profile the fantastic b2b SaaS tool Olapic. We define the term “collaborative consumption” and tell you why we don’t use the term e-commerce anymore.

We loaded in extra information in this report about New York City – a list of co-working spaces in the city, places to host events, and even added in some neighborhood profiles as written by the Third Wave Fashion team.

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