Seeing (RED): Chrysi Philalithes & Partnerships That Make a Difference

Seeing (RED): Chrysi Philalithes & Partnerships That Make a Difference

Wednesday morning we had the pleasure to attend the Wim Accelerator Founder’s Breakfast with special guest Chrysi Philalithes. Chrysi is the Chief Digital Officer at (RED) which was founded by Bono and Bobby Shriver to help contribute to the Global Fund. (RED) works to partner with brands such as Apple, Starbucks, Beats and Shazam to raise awareness and money to provide treatment for AIDS in Africa. The organization has a goal of helping make the first AIDS-free generation by 2015.

Chrysi is a seasoned marketing and communications professional with years of experience in the tech arena. She was one of the first employees at Espotting, an early search marketing company that began during the dot-com bubble and thrived; Chrysi helped grow the company across eight markets, even helping it get acquired by (now MIVA.)

At (RED), Chrysi describes an entrepreneurial atmosphere and a roster of just fifteen employees, despite the high publicity work the organization does. A large part of what (RED) aims to do is mobile partnerships, with one of their first being Shazam, the app that lets users discover and share new TV shows, brands, and music. With the partnership, mobile users can download (SHAZAM) RED which has the same functionalities as Shazam, except the company donates 20% of the purchase price to help fund AIDS and HIV programs in Africa.

Chrysi spoke on the necessity of providing quality products to help support a cause, as a cause alone is not enough to bring awareness and satisfy customers. She expressed her passion for making a difference at (RED), appreciating the added benefit of providing great products for consumers while achieving their primary goal of helping AIDS sufferers across the African continent and noted, “We have a fundamental belief that business that does good will also do well.”

We look forward to the next Founder’s Breakfast by Women Innovate Mobile that will be led by WIM Co-founder Veronika Sonsev. On the panel will be our very own, Liza Kindred, John Burbank, President of Nielsen Strategic Initiatives, and Deborah Jackson, CEO of Plum Alley. If you’d like to know more or attend, go here.


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