Fashion Tech Report: The June Issue

Fashion Tech Report: The June Issue

Summer is upon us, and we’re all looking for some fresh ideas. We’d like to present the June issue of our monthly Fashion Tech Report, full of new ideas and bright faces!

What’s new? Sparkling, state of the art technology and recent investments are just some of the things we’ve packed in. We’ve covered everything that happened last month and put it into a beautiful, digital report that you can enjoy on your laptop, tablet, and more.


All’s fair in mergers & acquisitions. We list out each of the fashion tech funding events that took place last month (we saw $296M invested in fashion tech last month), and tell you which investors are making the biggest gambles as the rumored Series A Crunch is nowhere to be found in our industry. Want to know if investments are moving out of the US or not? Read the report!


You need to know what’s happening in our industry, and we’ve got you covered with all of the news in fashion tech last month, as well as all of the news that affects us. We cover a bit of wearable tech design that’s changing the way we connect form and function, and explain why hashtags #just #aren’t #cutting #it #anymore.


Algorithmic shopping is a buzzy concept lately, and we tell why that is and who’s doing it well. We’re a little in love with the new D2C (Direct-to-Consumer) companies, and we tell you which ones and what they are doing. We also explore content + commerce companies and look at all the new personal styling startups.


This month, we introduce you to Will Young, Director of Zappos Labs, and Claire Mazur, founder of NYC-based startup Of a Kind. These two are really making things happen. Also, read our exclusive interview with Eddie Mullon, creator of Fashion GPS, a fashion industry enterprise solution being used by over 95% of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week designers this past season. As Eddie poignantly puts it:

The way I see it, there’s a lot more work that needs to be done. We’re just at the tip of it.

We feel the same way, Eddie! That’s why we’ve devoted ourselves to packing each month’s issue full of important news and information.


We also recap the events you may have missed last month, tell you about what’s happening this month, and even make some book recommendations.

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