Wantering Launches Fashion Search Engine

Wantering Launches Fashion Search Engine

With the advancements in social commerce and other unique business models for commerce surfacing each and every day, it’s any wonder how we stay on top of it all. Online shopping is becoming a chore now more than ever because it’s no longer about a simple search for shoppers to find that dress they’ve been coveting all season. Shoppers now have to open half a dozen tabs to access all of their favorite retailers to cross check price, quality, styles, colors — where’s the solution?

That’s why our friends over at Wantering decided to create one. Wantering is a fashion search engine that culminates all the results of a shopper’s fashion addictive stumblings. Alleviating several of the most basic problems in online shopping, the site uses a proprietary cool hunting algorithm to reveal the latest products in every category while showing near real-time updates of all pricing and stock.

“We’re completely obsessed with giving people the tools they need to shop better,” said Matt Friesen, CEO and cofounder of Wantering. “People deserve an easier way to browse for clothing, discover new brands, and buy items that they’re going to love.”

In a nutshell, Wantering now allows consumers to visually explore the season’s trends and search products based on materials, prints, colors, brands, and price points.


We reached out to Kathleen Ong of Wantering to find out more in the excitement of their official launch today.

TWF: What was the inspiration behind creating Wantering?

KO: Matt and Nick previously worked at building e-commerce stores, but didn’t shop online for their own clothing. They wanted to figure out what the problem was and create an online shopping experience they would be excited to use.

TWF: How do you differentiate your company from sites like Wanelo and Svpply?

KO: Those sites are designed with self expression at their core. Even Wanelo, which is more shopping focused, is still much more about having fun with your friends than finding things to buy. Wantering is 100% about building the best shopping experience in the world. That difference in philosophy comes out in the details: we have up to date prices, up to date stock checking, multiple photos per product, and a much more powerful search than those sites because that’s what matters to our shoppers.

TWF: What have been some of the challenges preparing to launch and how have you overcome them?

KO: Our biggest problems have been the same as our shoppers’ biggest problems: online shopping is a mess. Every store is a unique snowflake. Making them feel consistent inside Wantering has been a big challenge.

TWF: What have been some of the more memorable moments thus far?

KO: We’d have to say one of the most memorable moments was our Wantering Brunch, which we held in New York back in May. It was really great to finally meet a lot of people in the fashion and tech industries in person. We also love every moment that we get to interact with our community, whether it’s someone from our Tumblr or Pinterest community, or a trendsetter from our blog.

TWF: Can you give more insight behind the algorithm used to curate the selection of products?

KO: Our algorithm uses over 100 million social signals from sites like Tumblr, Polyvore, Svpply, and Pinterest to bubble up the latest trends.


TWF: Does the site allow for a cross analysis of sites’ prices offering the same styles?

KO: Yes.

TWF: What can we expect from Wantering in the coming months?

KO: That’s a secret!


Care to take Wantering for a spin? Take the challenge and search any of the following: Neon, Alexander Wang, Skater Skirts, Womens Necklaces (with the “high price” filter turned on), Marc Jacobs Watches. Now, go to Google Shopping, Yahoo Shopping, Wanelo, or Pinterest and make the same searches. You’ll notice right away even just the difference in size and quality of pictures available. Finally, a new solution.

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Images via Wantering