Fashion Tech Report: The July Issue

Fashion Tech Report: The July Issue

In fashion technology, we see innovative business models, disruptive apps changing our lives, and stunning wearable tech fit for the high-end runways. What better way to celebrate this incredible union than with a special edition of our Fashion Tech Report? We present The July Issue: Wedding Tech Edition.


Numbers matter. The Series A Crunch is all but nonexistent in our world and the data keeps coming in to support our assumption. Investments in fashion tech continue to bring in the biggest players in venture capital and the top angels, as well as a host of newcomers you may not know about yet. We bring them straight to you, and we’ve tracked a whopping $361,840,000 in total funding just last month alone. Want to know where the money went and what the top business model invested in was? Read the report today!


You want to know everything going on in your industry. That’s why we bring you all the fashion tech news in one place — but we also supply you with global, business, and economic updates that ensure you stay on top of it all. We bring you news about mobile human activity tracking, the latest in wearable tech, and other data that keeps you on your toes.


The retail industry is being taken over by Rental as of late. We tell you who the innovators are in this category, and why they’re winning. We explore Recommerce companies that make the old new again, even ones shaking up the wedding industry. We also give you a look into Inspiration-based commerce companies, as well as list out all relevant wedding tech startups for resources, apps and mobile, value, planning the big day, and much, much more.


This month, we speak to wedding tech entrepreneurs including Jacqueline Courtney of Nearly Newlywed, a site for buying and selling used wedding gows, and Kellee Khalil, founder of, the world’s first wedding search engine and cloud scrapbooking model. We show you an industry B2B tool called Fohr Card, the online directory that lets big brands access the world’s top bloggers and track related analytics.


We also recap the important events you may have missed last month, tell you about what’s happening in August, and even make some book recommendations to enjoy this summer.

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