Watch Out Wednesday: Dress for the Day

Watch Out Wednesday: Dress for the Day

One of the most challenging aspects of getting dressed in the morning can be the onslaught of options that lay hidden within our very wardrobes. Factor in potential additions you may be thinking about purchasing and it gets to be overwhelming. Therefore, we are seeing startups stepping up to solve the proverbial question of “what should I wear?” by offering a mixture of fashion inspiration and discovery-based commerce.

Dress for the Day is a new startup helping women zero in on wardrobe needs for specific days and events. Accounting for a multitude of factors such as weather, location, occasion, style preference, and budget, the company pulls in looks from prominent street style blogs as well as images from users that become instantly shoppable based on the items in the pictures.

To find out more, we reached out to the Co-Founders Shradha Mehta and Anisha Bhasin:

TW: What was the inspiration behind Dress for the Day?

SM & AB: We started Dress for the Day because both of us were in dire need of an easy solution to solve the everyday question “What do I wear?” We remember one specific scenario where we had a black tie wedding in the middle of a heatwave and had a budget of $200 for a dress. As we searched online for answers of what to wear, we were inundated with style boards, commerce sites and spent over two hours trying to pick a dress. Similarly, our morning routine of checking the weather and trying to piece together an outfit appropriate for both work and dinner was taking on average at least 30 minutes and causing lots of frustration. Why couldn’t there be a quick and easy platform guiding women on what to wear for work each day, date nights, beach weddings, Knicks games, job interviews and every other conceivable occasion a woman has in her busy, fast-paced life?

Hence, Dress for the Day was born. We wanted to create a one-stop shop to solve fashion dilemmas and inspire women while making their everyday fashion decisions. You simply choose your occasion, personal style, enter your zip code for weather and voila – a variety of looks based on your selections are now at your fingertips. The looks are broken down by piece (silk blouse, leopard print belt, aviator sunglasses, floral skirt, peep-toe pumps, etc.) and you can filter the pieces by your budget and body type. We’ll then direct you to the commerce site so you can purchase your favorite pieces. Easy, breezy!

TW: What differentiates Dress for the Day from other fashion tech companies?

SM & AB: Dress for the Day is unique in that it allows users to factor in occasion, personal style, weather, budget and body type when making fashion choices. No other fashion tech company offers all of these filters. Plus, our platform is super easy and streamlined — no need to be a tech genius to figure us out! The concept and homepage is 1 +1 = 2; doesn’t get much easier than that. Also, our focus is on street style looks not glossy magazine model shots. We feature user uploads several times a day and encourage our users to send in street style shots of themselves to be included on the site. Every woman should feel like the world is her runway, regardless of where she’s going, whether she’s casual or over-the-top, pear-shaped or slim and trim and regardless of whether her outfit is from Saks or Target.

TW: What have been the most difficult aspects of starting the company and how have you overcome them? What have been your favorite aspects?

SM & AB: Starting a company is certainly not easy; it takes hard work, hard work, hard work and a whole lot of patience. The most challenging aspect was accepting that not everything has to be perfect. Glitches and mistakes are OK and part of the learning experience. After launch, we thought of a million ways the site could be improved and freaked out that we didn’t implement these changes earlier. Luckily, we’re working with a stellar team and our tech partners taught us the valuable lesson of not falling into the trap of making the site/product flawless for each and every user. It’s impossible to please everyone but as long as we have an awesome product we believe in that’s all that matters.

We are both perfectionists by nature but with a startup you have to be willing to accept “great” instead of “perfect.” At least in the beginning. Striving for perfection in many ways is MUCH more rewarding than achieving perfection.

Our favorite aspect of starting Dress for the Day has got to be getting to live our dream every day and being proud female entrepreneurs. There really is no greater feeling than seeing your vision manifest to reality. We are both immigrants to this country and never in a million years thought we’d be founders of a company combining our greatest passions — fashion and business. Our drive, perseverance and all of those 20 hour work days proved that anything is possible. When you love what you do, the sky’s the limit. It’s also a pretty great feeling knowing that we’re making thousands of women’s lives just a little bit easier each day.

TW: What can we expect from Dress for the Day in the future?

SM & AB: Dress for the Day launched about 2 1/2 months ago and we’ve had over 6,000 unique visitors in 75 countries. We’re just getting started! Some exciting initiatives for the near future are rolling out an app (have to stay up to speed with the techy demands!) and including men’s looks and pieces. The site is very conducive to users on the go so we want to make sure mobile functionality is optimized to give our users the best experience possible. Keep a look-out for the app! We’ve also been getting many, many requests from our male counterparts to include looks and pieces for them. They have fashion dilemmas, too! Our main goal overall is to grow and develop the company and product to keep everyone Dressing for the Day in the easiest and fastest way possible.//

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Image via Dress for the Day