Watch Out Wednesday: Shopilly

Watch Out Wednesday: Shopilly

For all those slightly obsessive purveyors of the blessed inbox zero, rejoice! Shopilly just made your job a whole lot easier. Recognizing how complicated the process of shopping has become whether it be online or in person, the team over at Shopilly decided to create a space to aggregate all things commerce related.

Currently in Beta, once a user has created an account they can choose to have all their shopping related emails sent to their Shopilly inbox. Even more incredible is that Shopilly will recognize receipts and catalogue them for you. Shopping simplified. Inbox finally at zero.

We decided to reach out to Roopa Shankar of Shopilly to find out more.

TWF: What was the inspiration behind starting Shopilly?

RS: The inspiration for Shopilly came from a simple place, but it was compelling enough to help fuel the company’s development and growth. With the increasing emphasis being placed on email marketing to bolster business-customer relations, it was becoming a to-be-expected daily burden for me to log into my personal e-mail only to find a deluge of brand e-mails, subscription newsletters, and promotional e-mails from my favorite retailers. It was becoming harder and harder to sift through these emails, meaning that relationships between brands and consumers were being strained and that it was becoming harder for me to stay up-to-date on my favorite stores and their sales. So to ensure that the shopping experience wouldn’t be compromised by the recent surge of brand-consumer marketing through the email channel, Shopilly was created. Now, our company truly sets out to ensure that shopping remains convenient, fun, and simplistic with our personalized shopping inbox and simple user interface.

TWF: How does Shopilly differentiate itself from other fashion tech startups?

RS: There are currently no other platforms that allow for this kind of streamlined shopping experience. With so many product features that are still easy-to-navigate, Shopilly remains completely innovative and perpetually relevant in the market. For example, the unique interface presents e-mails in a visual album cover format, and organizes them by categories, retailers and brands so that you can shop when you’re ready and quickly find your receipts and orders when you need them. You can follow your favorite brands and retailers to create a personalized set of new arrivals and insider sales so that you don’t even need to subscribe to these e-mails. You can connect your Gmail, Hotmail, or Yahoo accounts to Shopilly to automatically filter out and collect sales, deals, and special offer e-mails so that your personal inbox isn’t cluttered with commerce e-mails. And best of all, you receive a dedicated email address that can be used in place of a personal email when you shop. We set out wanting to create a revolutionary product, and we foresee it eventually becoming the forefront of the shopping experience.

TWF: What have been the most difficult aspects of starting the company and how have you overcome them? What have been your favorite aspects?

RS: Fundamentally, there is a leap of faith involved for anyone who decides to act on an entrepreneurial idea. It involves leaving your comfortable job to embrace the ups and downs that are associated with the start-up culture and lifestyle. It’s completely risky; start-ups present very high levels of uncertainty. Almost everything taken for granted in a large company was something the Shopilly team needed to figure out.

That being said, there are aspects of developing a company and a product ground-up through the startup culture that are unforgettable. Favorite aspects include being able to build a team and having a product built and shipped, all from scratch. It’s incredible to think about how far the team has come in such a short period of time, and it’s such a powerful feeling to know that all of this came from a simple spark of inspiration. It’s also amazing to think about what the product could mean or represent for the commerce world in the years to come– we hope that users see the revolutionary aspects of the product and in turn help us achieve our goals.

TWF: What can we expect from Shopilly in the future?

RS: Users can expect an amazing product that will cut the clutter out of their personal email accounts by separating all of their spam, retailer and promotional e-mails and displaying them in an elegant and visually stunning platform. Shopilly will become users’ “personal shopping assistants” by tracking purchases and receipts, allowing them to follow their favorite brands, learn about new brands, and help them become organized for all their shopping needs. We are also currently working on developing the iOS and iPad apps. Mobile is what’s big right now; with the observation that people are using their tablets and smartphones these days over their personal computers and laptops, users will be able to use Shopilly while they are in malls, which will only further enhance their shopping experience. Most importantly, though, users can expect a great product that actually fulfills a need and service that is beneficial for any smart, savvy shopper.

To keep up with the latest news from the Shopilly team, you can follow them here.

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