Fashion Tech Report: The August Issue

Fashion Tech Report: The August Issue

As we make our way through summer, we track the biggest investments in fashion tech (no Series A crunch here!), peek at innovative wearable inventions, talk directly to the people shaking up our industry. We bring all of this to you and more in our monthly Fashion Tech Reports. We present The August Issue. Here’s what’s inside: 


The Series A Crunch rumors have come to a screeching halt and the data keeps coming in showing major funding going to fashion tech companies.  We analyzed $145.14M in funding in July with the majority of companies based in the US this time around. If you want to track investor activity and get a bird’s-eye view of funding trends, read our latest report.


You like to stay on top of the news affecting your industry. We bring you all the fashion tech news in our monthly Recap — global and domestic developments in design, mobile innovation, fashion, and more. We carefully compile the most important and groundbreaking news in fashion tech, aiming to make you the expert.


Trends are important – they highlight where funding goes and where consumer interest may lie. In our August Issue, we explain Subscription Commerce, Virtual Fit, and Marketplace business models. We give you a breakdown of the big companies in each category, some smaller players you may not have heard of, and those in development on the verge of making a big splash.


This month, we sit down and speak with Olga Vidisheva, the CEO of Shoptiques, a global boutique marketplace that gives small shops an online presence. We introduce you to Sari Azout of Bib + Tuck, the recommerce marketplace that focuses on community and careful curation, while promoting reuse and conservation. We break down B2B tool InSqarq, the social shopping and analytics tool that monetizes consumer behavior and gives brands and retailers powerful analytics to boot.


We also recap the important events you may have missed last month and tell you about all the events you should attend this September to stay in the know.

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