Fashion Tech Report: The September Issue

Fashion Tech Report: The September Issue

September is a special month for fashion publications; our Fashion Tech Reports are no exception. That’s why we’re so excited to bring you our biggest and best Fashion Tech Report yet. We proudly present: The September Issue. Here are some of the insights about fashion tech that we share in this month’s report:

We’ve taken an ongoing look at which trends are getting funded and which companies are showing signs of success. In our September Report, we give you the breakdown on the business models we call Discovery, Image Sharing, and Wearable Tech. We continue to see personalization platforms doing very well; the “Pinterest-ization” of the internet has shown us that consumers love sharing photos and discovering beautiful images. What’s more, these images convert into real sales. Discoveredd from the UK is one example of such a trend; they aim to be an exclusive version of Pinterest where users can browse unique products they love and share collections with friends. Newcomer StyleSeek raised $250,000 in July and provides discovery through algorithmic recommendation generation. We see Wearable Tech going high fashion with light-up dresses and even luxury LED handbags selling for a pretty penny.

When it comes to fashion tech funding, there are no signs of slowing down. We tracked $56.56M in investments in August, with a majority of companies funded hailing from the United States. Silicon Valley had the greatest flow of money (which probably comes as no surprise). We saw Tool and Platform business models receive the biggest cash influx last month.

Mobile platforms like e-gifting newbie Clutch are gaining traction due to shifting trend of high mobile usage (one-fifth of consumer media consumption is via mobile!) We see major companies like Facebook putting all their resources into building great mobile apps (with ways to monetize ads on mobile proving tricky but doable), so it’s natural that other companies would invest in mobile. Meanwhile, tools prove their versatility.

B2B tools like Engagor, a social media analytics company, provide retailers with the tools they need to stay competitive in rapidly evolving online commerce space. Consumers love new tools, too. ThirdLove is an example of a bra fitting company giving customers the ability to customize their fit – something we’re seeing more of as consumers democratize the ability to create and design.

This September, we’ve also brought you the biggest fashion tech news and global press that’s shaping our world. Wearables, like jewelry that can display video and functional tech gear like warm winter hats with built-in headphones, are looking like attractive gifts for this upcoming holiday season. Smart watches like the Samsung Galaxy Gear are joining the ranks of mobile devices as a new way to check your texts or even send funny photos on Snapchat – (they’re building a smart watch app for that!)

Also in this issue are 48 amazing Movers & Shakers from the world of fashion tech, as well as a beautiful wearable tech spread, and so much more.

We aim to make you the expert. This September, explore the exploding world of fashion tech in our biggest issue ever.

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