3 Steps To Making Your Facebook Pics Shoppable Using Lookbook Cloud

3 Steps To Making Your Facebook Pics Shoppable Using Lookbook Cloud

You’ve built your community, you have your fans, but what if you could connect that group to your product while browsing your Facebook photos? That’s what makes Lookbook Cloud the startup that we’ve got our eye on this week!

The app provides a solution to the enigmatic process of creating a profit from your investment in social media, and what’s better than that? 

Based in Melbourne, Australia, founder Alexander Levashov has taken 20 years of marketing and digital media experience to provide a streamlined system for converting customers by using interactive lookbooks that link directly to your product pages. Focusing efforts on startups and small businesses, the user only works with a web interface to reduce any confusion or apprehension that might come with too much HTML. Essentially, if you can use Facebook, you can use Lookbook Cloud.

If the process sounds easy, that’s because it is. The use of Lookbook Cloud, and maximizing the efficiency of your Facebook activity, can be broken down into three steps:

  1. Develop an engaging look for your customers
  2. Create hotspots in your lookbook
  3. Share your lookbooks with your community

Engaging Your Audience

As a business, it is second nature to use photos to engage your customers. Why? Because posts with photos generate 120 percent more activity than those without. It is understood that audiences love looking at awesome photos (look no further than the popularity of Instagram) and to leverage that natural curiosity automatically elevates your potential to develop interaction with your community.

Lookbook Cloud takes this element to the next level by stepping beyond a simple image and allows you to create a sliding lookbook that posts to your Facebook account. No code, no confusing steps, just select the best photos you can offer your fans and upload.

Interactive Hotspots

This second step is where Lookbook Cloud steps away from the conventions of Facebook engagement. Within the awesome lookbook that you developed in Step 1, the app allows you to tag hotspots.

What does the hotspot do?

The hotspot makes your image shoppable. In seconds, your image goes from one of millions of photos on the site, to one that links specific products in the photo to their page on your website. Gone are the days of stagnant photos that you hope will drive traffic to your online store, and now is the time of creating a Facebook page based around making money directly from your Facebook interactions. The best part about the hotspots though is their simplicity. Tagging hotspots is similar to tagging friends in photos, which most of probably already know how to do. The ease of providing information to your customers, and packing it into your photos, is virtually intuitive because the process is one that we are all comfortable with already.

That brings us to the final step:

Share Your Lookbook!

Like with everything else in the Lookbook Cloud app, sharing couldn’t be easier. Sharing your sliders and images is still the same as with any other media on Facebook. The benefit that this carries though is the fact that your audience has the ability to easily share your content with their friends, and though going viral isn’t guaranteed, your chances definitely go up.

The sharing element, though simple, is key; especially once you’ve considered that customers are nearly 40 percent more likely to purchase something after they have interacted with it on Facebook. Like the old adage that all press is good press, we are reaching a point where all interaction can be considered good interaction, specifically likes and shares.


Lookbook Cloud has moved along the level of engagement you can have with your Facebook audience… by allowing them to shop. Though they’re still a young company, we’re excited to see how companies will use them. The app is pushing the possibilities of social media for the small business, and if your company is on Facebook, then you should probably be doing it with Lookbook Cloud.


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Jeff Wilber is a guest writer from TheFreelanceRider.