Like Our New Look?

Like Our New Look?

Welcome to the new Third Wave Fashion website! We hope you like it.

A few years ago, when I was conceiving of what Third Wave Fashion might look like as a business, I had some vague ideas about what we might do. Now I know for sure:

We’ve become the world’s fashion tech think tank.

We publish beautiful monthly fashion tech reports, offer custom education for fashion brands, do high-level strategic consulting for brands and top fashion tech startups, and have become, in a lot of ways, the industry’s hub.

When I first started Third Wave Fashion, I was advised by several people not to use the term “fashion tech.” I was encouraged to use the term “fashion 2.0” or the phrase “digital fashion.” I stuck with my gut on this, and we’ve all seen the idea of fashion tech explode. I believe that this is because fashion is going where the rest of the world is going: into a post-social, omni-channel, Internet-of-Things and device-connected future.

To that end, I’m authoring my first book right now – all about the future of commerce. It’s called The Third Wave of Commerce: How We Buy Now and will be published by top technology publisher O’Reilly in the spring of 2014. It takes the business models that we identified from our fashion tech database and applies them to all types of commerce. And at the same time, it’s turning us into authorities about all types of buying, which our clients are really digging. We’re the fashion tech experts with very diverse expertise.

In the time since Third Wave Fashion was conceived, fashion tech has gone from an idea into a massive industry. We track 20+ fashion tech meetup groups in nine cities, nearly a thousand fashion tech startups, and a half-dozen conferences.

As we’ve said elsewhere on the site:

We’re not in this business because it’s trendy; we’re here because we’re experts. We don’t just focus on ‘digital’ or ‘fashion 2.0’; we have our sights set on the future. We look at all technology, online and offline, and how it’s changing the world.

We hope that this new site is a reflection of what we’ve become. Expect a lot more content, a constantly updated calendar of fashion tech events, and more fantastic features coming soon. (In fact, we’re actively seeking fashion tech stories to write about, contributors for our blog and reports, and research interns. Drop us a line about any of that.) We’ve also made some internal changes to our team to broaden our knowledge base and make us more agile. The new site was designed by our creative pro, Paige Hogan, who also designs our beautiful reports.

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Since we know you’re interested in fashion tech, we’d like to encourage you to become a subscriber to our gorgeous, in-depth monthly fashion tech reports. They detail everything that happened in fashion tech each month: every single investment, all the news, and we discuss new startups, trends, B2B tools, introduce you to movers and shakers in the fashion tech world, and so much more. Many top fashion brands and startups are already subscribers.

And, if you want to engage with us on a deeper level, check out our services offerings here. We make it our business to keep you on top of your game.

We hope you enjoy our new site, and that you come back often. It’s definitely the place to be for fashion tech. And if you haven’t subscribed to our newsletters yet, be sure to do so. See you around!

(And while you’re here, enjoy the new site! Some good places to start are our ‘About‘ page to learn more about us, and my blog post “Why You Should Stop Calling It Fashion 2.0″)


Liza Kindred is the founder of Third Wave Fashion. Third Wave Fashion has been your fashion tech think tank since 2011. We publish the first ever printed fashion tech magazine, Third Wave.  Follow us on Twitter or subscribe to our newsletter to stay on top of the latest in fashion tech + wearables.