Your Closet, Your Cash

Your Closet, Your Cash

We’ve all seen a lot of re-commerce fashion tech startups; there are 54 in our fashion tech database. New players to this game have to find some way to differentiate. Sell It Now New York aims to do so by tackling the struggle against clutter for New Yorkers. Founded by Jackie Morgan, who has over 12 years in the fashion industry, S.I.N.N is focused on making consumers money while they clean out their closets.

So, what is Sell It Now New York?

S.I.N.N is a store operating both online and in a beautiful bricks-and-mortar showroom on Fifth Avenue. With attention to value, the company has developed a much more comprehensive system that brings “consignment” into the higher echelons of the fashion industry. Beyond commerce, S.I.N.N offers wardrobe makeovers, personal shopping and image consulting, which is focused on helping you not only clean out your closet, but determine the value of clothing and accessories that you have.

What can be sold?

Because of the emphasis on value, which ultimately is what makes you money, S.I.N.N accepts high-end designer goods. From women’s and men’s clothing, to shoes and accessories, the understanding is that quality products sell better.

In an interview with Babble, Morgan explains seven tips for reselling your clothes, which clarifies the elements that are taken into account when determining how S.I.N.N can sell for you.

Selling with S.I.N.N

Are you mentally rifling through your closet now, thinking about the potential value that’s been hanging there for two years? The next step is to agree to consign with S.I.N.N and they virtually take care of the rest. There are a number of options to get your clothes to them, but the easiest is using FedEx, which they encourage. S.I.N.N even takes care of the shipping label, all you have to do is box up your clothes, schedule the FedEx pickup and you’re done.

From there, information on your goods that are accepted into the showroom is emailed to you and they have 60 days to sell from the time they enter the eBay store. If they don’t sell, you have the option to take the goods back, or you can donate them, which S.I.N.N will also take care of if you decide to.

Essentially, S.I.N.N is a unique and creative way to make money by cleaning out your closet. The process is simple, and by sending the goods out to be sold rather than keeping them in your apartment waiting for an eBay auction to end, as Morgan says, you’re able to de-clutter your life. In an age when time is money, by saving time and making money, S.I.N.N is a double whammy.

For more information, check out their site and feel free to contact them with any questions about how they can help you.


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Jeff Wilber is a guest writer from TheFreelanceRider.