Content Meets Commerce

Content Meets Commerce

CONTENT + COMMERCE. Our first Fashion Tech Report of 2014 is out today, and it’s a doozy! We dove in deep to share with you everything you need to know about the essential merging of content with commerce. We’ve always recommended to our brand clients that they think like publishers, and to our online commerce clients to think editorially.  Now we share in depth advice with all of our subscribers. For a sneak peek, read on!

In this issue, we offer in-depth information, including a feature about the state of content and commerce from our founder, Liza Kindred, as well as advice from other experts, 19 good examples, 3 failed attempts, 8 tools for your business to use now, 8 affiliate networks to look at, and really, a ton of other stuff.

Just for fun–and to help you think outside of the box about the many creative ways that content and commerce can be combined–we put together a cheeky worksheet to help you come up with new ways to do business. Enjoy!



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