ASAP54: The Future of Searchable Reality

ASAP54: The Future of Searchable Reality

There is no doubt that shopping has, and always will be, a social event. There’s nothing better for fashion lovers than finding the perfect outfit or accessory and then showing it off, whether it’s friends, followers or otherwise. That’s why online communities have been built around shopping, and why sites like Pinterest and Polyvore have done so well as they create shoppable communities.

But what about the “real” world? Connecting online and offline is the gap that many companies have yet to bridge, determining how to connect potential customers in real time to their products as they encounter them on the street.

With that in mind, ASAP54 was created.


Because among the communities, the personal shopping services and the shoppable ads that are pervading every channel available, it is still difficult to find items that you see but don’t know. Where the problem originates is the speed at which the world became shoppable in the first place. With the introduction of interactive publications, shoppable videos and social shopping platforms, it’s as if the industry all but forgot to create a searchable world.


Creating the searchable world, and making it shoppable, is where ASAP54 is expected to excel as it prepares to launch in the US. The London-based company is bringing the offline world online by using incredible visual recognition technology to curate product lists of items that users are searching for. According to Business of Fashion, the idea came from a tireless search for a pair of vintage Chanel frames which founder Daniela Cecilo had seen offline.

The best part of ASAP54 is that we’ve all been there before. You see the perfect bag, or the perfect shoes, then you go home to Google the night away only to continuously get search results that send you to online wholesale warehouses that have nothing to do with the item you’re actually looking for. The way the app will work though is with a quick snapshot of the item, the recognition technology and the dedication of human stylists to ensure the best user experience possible.

On the tech side, searches can be refined by price, texture and color, which means that product discovery is enhanced too, not limiting a user to the specific item they were searching for. It doesn’t hurt either that items from companies like Net-a-Porter, Barneys, J. Crew and Forever 21 will be available for direct purchase without leaving the convenience of the app.

ASAP54 is scheduled to launch in the US on February 28, and we’re excited to see how searchable reality will change the face of ecommerce.

Source: Business of Fashion


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