Behold the Battery: Rethinking Power in the Connected World

Behold the Battery: Rethinking Power in the Connected World

What happens when we look at power needs from a conceptual perspective?

As wearable tech and bluetooth beacons work their way into our everyday lives, the question of how to power them remains. In reality, this question is one of the few things holding back the potential of wearables, considering that nobody wants a t-shirt that requires a two-pound battery pack.

With that in mind, the Behold the Battery event set out to connect the minds of creatives, engineers and innovators to engage in real conversation about the future of battery power and what we can do as we strive for efficiency and effectiveness.


Hosted by Billie Whitehouse, founder and designer at Wearable Experiments; Emilie Baltz, founder and food designer at Baltz Works; Mady Maxey, founder and CTO of Crated; and Mari Kussman, founder and CEO of Crated; the event was held at the WeWork Lounge in SOHO. Complete with interactive champagne flute circuits and an 80s docu-series (complete with floppy disks) on what wearable tech was sure to become, the atmosphere set the tone to truly open up about the current state of not only batteries, but industries from fashion tech to mass electrical supply.

With so much to discuss, and so many brilliant minds in one room, we’ve whittled down the best advice that we think indicates where we’ll be heading in the near future.

  • Gambling trends in Asian cultures provide strength to bidding models in online retail
  • Get away from the second screen: sound and haptics create emotional connections
  • What would happen if we didn’t cater to the masses?
  • Create content that you would want to interact with


As you can see, the night was focused on discussing the future of battery efficiency and technology, but there was much more to glean. And though each person that attended the event had varying backgrounds and experience, the one thing in common was that we can all agree the near future is going to be one very exciting place.

A final piece of advice that we picked up at the event was this, on the idea of working in teams: Optimism may not reflect in the individual’s work, but it could create a stronger team and create a better end result.

With a little bit of optimism, we could change more than the future of fashion tech.

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