#FashionUnfold: Join the Fashion Tech Conversation

#FashionUnfold: Join the Fashion Tech Conversation

Do you find yourself constantly talking about the state of Fashion Tech? If you’re reading this post, odds are the answer is a definitive yes. With that, we’d like to introduce #FashionUnfold, a monthly conversation about the future of our beloved industry.

The conversation started on Twitter, with Montreal-based fashion blogger Miss Sly. Recognizing the promise that fashion tech had in shaping the future of the fashion industry, the chat started with five people and has grown organically to over 2,000 participants willing to do anything to discuss their passion.

Don’t confuse this chat with the typical Twitter chat though, thanks to the diligent work of Miss Sly, the discussion provides a forum for industry influencers to connect with fashionistas and members of the community from around the world. As the chat has matured and grown, these opinion leaders have taken on a panelist role; typically offering insight to what was happening around the industry, and slowly transitioning to a question and answer format to develop a friendlier online atmosphere to discover what innovations can be expected from fashion tech.

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In addition to providing a place for fashion tech lovers to communicate, #FashionUnfold may provide companies across the industry an opportunity to see which demographics are participating. Though the chat is based in Montreal, 40 percent of the participants are from the US, with impressive numbers from the UK and South Africa as well. With access to that information, and the ability to quantify the discussions that take place each month, the future of #FashionUnfold could be an expansion into providing data to retailers and designers alike.

We love the work that Miss Sly has put into furthering fashion tech, and if you want to join the conversation then register for the addictive debates on the #FashionUnfold Eventbrite or Meetup page today! The next chat is Tuesday April 15, so take a break from tax day and get involved with shaping the future of fashion tech.


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