On Our Radar: ReChannel

On Our Radar: ReChannel

With all of the advances in fashion tech and the changes that have shifted and improved the industry, it’s hard to believe that retailers are still using paper line sheets. The largest problem with the use of classic line sheets is that, plain and simple, they aren’t efficient.

Luckily for the industry, London-based ReChannel is taking advantage of the cloud and has created a platform dedicated to eliminating the hassle that naturally accompanies line sheets.

What is ReChannel?

At its core, the company provides a b2b wholesale platform that allows wholesalers to connect with and get orders to retailers faster. ReChannel essentially focused on creating a user-friendly platform, with a more customizable interface than some of their competitors. By utilizing a cloud-based system the platform also steps beyond moving paper stock systems online with the elimination of manual uploads. Another key difference from their competition, is the fact that ReChannel does not sell itself as a marketplace. That allows wholesalers to focus on buyers that they want, rather than opening up channels to any and everyone.


After we had the chance to sit down with ReChannel, we’re excited to see where the company will go from here. At only 18 months old, and with a team of ten, their sights are set on growth and expansion. Targeting larger brands across Europe, the startup plans to use focused analytics and notification options to further streamline the wholesale process.

With plans to be the European leader for wholesale purchasing, ReChannel has secured its place on our radar, and should be on yours too.

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Jeff Wilber is a guest writer from TheFreelanceRider.