Five Things to Know About Poshmark Right Now

Five Things to Know About Poshmark Right Now

Poshmark’s mobile fashion marketplace seems to be on fire these days. With millions of members and half a million closets open for sale, the company continues to innovate in order to scale and support it’s growing shopping community. The result? A mobile and social marketplace that now houses over 5,000 brands and 6 million items for sale! Go get ’em, guys.

It’s been a while since we caught up with our friends at Poshmark, so we found out what they’ve been up to lately. Here’s five things they’ve been up to over the last few months:

Killing the Logistics Game with PoshPost

In March the company announced it’s collaboration with the United States Postal Service to introduce PoshPost, a revolutionary USPS shipping label designed specifically for fashion. With the introduction of the PoshPost label, women can now ship any item of fashion under five pounds anywhere in the U.S. in 2-3 days, providing for a perfect fit for this new behavior of mobile shopping.

Using Social Activity to Fuel Product Discovery with PoshMatch

In August they took on discovery in a big way when they unveiled PoshMatch, the first social merchandising engine that combines community curation and algorithmic technology to match shoppers to merchandise based on their social activity in the app. With PoshMatch, each shopper is now greeted with their own real-time storefront built from their personal fashion shopping network and their style preferences.

The PoshMatch social merchandising engine is constantly learning from the shopper to match them with new closets, merchandise and stylists creating an experience unlike any other fashion shopping destination.

Introducing Real-Time Private Auctions with Make An Offer

Last month they launched Make An Offer, a fast and easy way for a buyer to privately negotiate the best possible price for that item they are lusting after. By guaranteeing no risk of another shopper seeing counter-offers, Poshmark is taking away the final friction of selling for women in its community through direct one-to-one auctions.

Millions of women use Poshmark every day to shop for their favorite styles from more than 6 million items and 5,000 brands in the marketplace. Make An Offer helps support these peer-to-peer transactions and encourages even more real-time mobile engagement within Poshmark’s vibrant, active community. With a sale currently being made every 10-15 seconds, direct negotiation ensures the seller can make money quickly and a buyer can get better deals on the items they love, ultimately leading to more sales in the platform.

PoshFest Closet Cleanout to Six Figures Panel 2

Second Annual PoshFest is in San Francisco

The company brought hundreds of women from the Poshmark community together last year for their inaugural PoshFest event, an epic two day fashion conference in Las Vegas. For round two this year, the event was bigger and even better when they brought PoshFest to San Francisco on November 8-9th, 2014. The highlights were a keynote from rock star entrepreneur Tina Sharkey, expert panels on how to “level up” your closet, interactive workshops at PMHQ and, of course, the ultimate Posh Party. Photos from the event can be seen here.

Beefing up the Rockstar Team at PMHQ

Given all the company’s success and innovation over the past few years, it’s a no-brainer they have some kick- !@#$%^&* people on staff in their Menlo Park headquarters. Here’s some good news: they are looking for more! They are currently hiring on both their Community and Marketplace Operations teams. See all openings here and land a coveted job at one of the fastest growing fashion startups in the country!

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