3 Videos to Watch Today: StyleSeat, Investing in Bad Ideas, & Wearables for Babies

We’ve rounded up some great short videos to keep you in the know about the world of fashion tech, wearables, and startups. We look at the beauty tech app StyleSeat, investing in crazy ideas, and wearables/connected devices (for babies!) They’re all below–enjoy!

First up, The New York Times explores the story behind beauty tech startup StyleSeat.

Next, our founder Liza Kindred and our advisor J Kelly Hoey were on Tech and The City again this week, talking about investing in implausible ideas and women in tech. (With our favorite host, Natasha Saxberg.)

And finally, this video from the Times about wearable tech for babies does a great job of exploring what the implications (good and bad) of our newly connected world.

Oh hey, we’ve got a bonus video for you: Intel’s $495 MICA connected bracelet (video on TechCrunch.) Happy Friday!

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