Exclusive Book Excerpt: The Pop-Up Paradigm

Exclusive Book Excerpt: The Pop-Up Paradigm

Yesterday, we caught up with Melissa Gonzalez, founder of The Lion’esque Group and author of the brand new book, The Pop-Up Paradigm. Today, we’re bringing you an exclusive excerpt from the book. Here’s a peek into the insights that you can expect from the book: 

Chapter 10 Excerpt:

Regardless of your goals, you will always want to be well positioned to understand the return on investment (ROI) for your pop-up. Obviously, some portion of your ROI is sales, but to see it as only sales is short-sighted. There’s a bigger picture that involves building the brand.

If you’re thinking, I really want to do a pop-up, but Im not really understanding the ROI. Maybe I should just do a trunk show . . ., then maybe you should. Being in a physical space with your customer is definitely a good way to interact. The part that’s missing is the branded element.

When a brand does a pop-up and they think about ROI, often they literally just think, how many dollars am I going to make in that space, and is this going to be profitable? They don’t think, how many dollars are going to come in the door over the six months because of my two-week or one-month pop-up?

Because it’s a short-term experience that should have a long-term impact, you can’t just examine immediate sales when you consider a pop-up’s ROI. You need to think about:

–    Is the pop-up increasing sales?

–    Is the pop-up increasing marketing awareness?

–    Is the pop-up allowing us to better demonstrate our product?

You need to remember there’s a difference between qualitative benefits and sales. Qualitative benefits can eventually lead to more sales, but they’re not the same thing.

The book is full of practical advice and actionable insights. Pick it up here today–and come back tomorrow to read about Melissa’s favorite pop-up shops. 

A recent pop-up shop by Lion'esque Group for J Hilburn. (Photo by Chamption Eye Media.)

A recent pop-up shop by Lion’esque Group for J Hilburn. (Photo by Chamption Eye Media.)

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