Featured Wearable: Meet TYIA

Featured Wearable: Meet TYIA

Hot on everyone’s wish list this year–for consumers and retailers alike–are quality wearable tech products. In this series, we’ll introduce you to the best on the market today. To kick us off, please meet TYIA, the beautiful new notifications bracelet.

Tyia's notification light shines through mother of pearl fused with semi-precious quartz.

Tyia’s notification light shines through mother of pearl fused with semi-precious quartz.

Product: A bracelet and accompanying mobile app that offers notifications (a gentle buzz and a specific color of light), depending on how important a text message, email, or other notification is to you.

Price: Silver is $239 on pre-order and will be $319; gold is $269 on pre-order and will be $349. Ships in early 2015.

How It Looks: Gorgeous; it’s minimal and unobtrusive. From the former design director of David Yurman, so it easily passes our “Would we wear it?” test.

What It Does: Once you tell the app what matters the most to you (calls from a babysitter, say, or emails from the boss) the bracelet will let you know, through specific colors of light and increasing vibrations, when you should take out your phone and pay attention. No more pulling your phone out of your bag over and over to see if you’ve missed anything.

Who It’s For: Your friend who’s super stylish and way too busy–but wants to focus on what matters in her life. We think this is the bracelet that Barneys should be selling.

Wear It With: Tod’s loafers, a Céline bag, and a silk tee from The Row.

Tyia comes with leather bands and either Rhodium or 18K gold plating.

Tyia comes with leather bands and either Rhodium or 18K gold plating.

We spoke with Viawear, the company behind Tyia, to find out more: 

 What sets TYIA apart from other wearables? 

It begins with fashion. Viawear’s Chief Creative Officer, Walter Chefitz, spent years as a design director at David Yurman and took painstaking efforts to create Tyia so that it would be appreciated the same as any other beautiful accessory he previously designed.

But it’s real value is in its everyday usefulness. Viawear’s mobile app makes it easy to manage your digital life, from staying connected to what matters, filtering out the noise, tracking your steps, or setting gentle reminders. We’re taking ‘wearable personal assistant’ to the next level.

Who is TYIA aimed at? 

Our inspiration for the product is our CEO’s wife, Tyia, who is a fashionable working mom and is constantly juggling  important communications alongside a stream of social notifications. Its women like her that would never wear a bulky smartwatch, yet want to take their phones off the table while still feeling connected to what’s important.

What’s next? 

Tyia is designed as a line of bracelets and complimentary accessories, and we look forward to introducing numerous bands and other customization options that blend with our customers wardrobes, budgets and lifestyles. We also have some exciting software features we’ll be announcing in the coming months that makes Tyia even more useful and engaging across our customers personal and social lives.

You can pre-order Tyia through Viawear‘s website.

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