Introducing: Third Wave Magazine

Introducing: Third Wave Magazine

You are going to LOVE this! We’re publishing the first ever fashion tech print magazine–and you can reserve your subscription starting today. Here’s the scoop:

The most important thing for you to know about Third Wave Magazine is that it’s going to be amazing–packed full of news and ideas about fashion tech, wearable tech, the future of retail, and more. The first issue ships next month, and is full of all original editorial content, including stunning photos, beautiful layouts, thought-provoking articles, and in-depth news. Third Wave Magazine is a gorgeous, quarterly print publication.


Why are we doing this? Well, back in 2013, we began publishing  private, digital reports* for our clients. People loved them, and we started to see parts of them leaked out across the internet. That made us realize how many people wanted this content–so we decided to make it available to everyone.

In our inaugural issue (ships to you March 2015):

  • Learn about two fashion tech startups leading the way, East Coast vs. West Coast!
  • Explore the ‘Direct to Consumer’ business model (and get introduced to someone using it incredibly well)
  • Meet 13 people building the future of fashion tech–and see the photoshoot that happened when we got them all in one room
  • See the best wearables blooming on the market today
  • Learn about how the connected home movement is changing our relationship to intimately connected devices
  • Peek inside the store of the future
  • Explore fashion’s obsessions with food, fitness, 3D printing… and dogs
  • Meet some of the teenagers who are our next wave of consumers
  • Take a deep dive into the state of visual search
    (plus get insights into why it’s still so hard to do well)
  • Get advice about pop-up retail from the woman who wrote the book on it
  • Check out which 7 beauty apps are the hottest, right now
  • Learn why we’re still so tethered to batteries and what that means for now and the future
  • And wow… so much more. We told you it was amazing!

SUBSCRIBE TODAY and get your first year (4 big, gorgeous issues) for $60 just $40–we’re running an introductory rate.

*Bonus time! We opened up our entire archive of these reports for you to enjoy for free. Enjoy!