On Our Radar: NMRKT

On Our Radar: NMRKT

We’ve been fans of NMRKT since the fashion tech startup launched three years ago, and are very impressed with what they’ve grown into–a great tool for content producers to monetize their publications. It’s been three years since we last featured them, so we caught up with NMRKT’s founder Julia Jacobson to learn about what the company is up to. It’s amazing how quickly a company can evolve into something great, and NMRKT is evidence of that.

Describe NMRKT.

NMRKT (pronounced in market) is a platform that makes it simple for content creators – blogs, magazines, YouTube stars and influencers – to launch their own shop and monetize their influence. We’re combining the ease of affiliates and the effectiveness of in-house shops to make commerce accessible to anyone.

What inspired you to start the company?

When I was a buyer at Bloomingdale’s, the first thing I did every morning was read Selectism and Hypebeast. Whatever was trending on those blogs, would be cool to my customer the following season – just enough time to place the orders and get product in stores. By following this new world of digital influencers, I was able to derisk my buying choices…and it was a success. However, I was frustrated by the fact that the only way to connect these dots to “buy now” were traditional affiliate links – an outdated model that relies on impulse purchasing and converts at the same dismal 0.1% as a display ad. I knew there was a better solution – taking affiliate product out of the marketing world and placing it in a shopping context. So I called up my best friend and colleague, Brendan Fallis, we both quit our jobs and started to prototype solutions.

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What makes NMRKT special?

NMRKT was built by the industry for the industry. Ian and I are eCommerce experts and Brendan is an internationally renowned tastemaker. By understanding the levers that drive conversions and the pain points of influencers, we built a product that produces 50x the sales of traditional affiliate links while upholding the content creators integrity. There is a huge gap in the market that forces independent content creators to choose between big investments or their integrity. We don’t think that should be the case.

NMRKT is as simple to use as a widget, but as customized as an enterprise product – that fine line is our secret sauce.

What do you offer your customers?

NMRKT customers customize their shop, curate the products they want and integrate it onto their site with a simple link. They can embed items into editorial or share on social to maximize their reach. Every aspect from the interface to the products in their shop are custom to their personal aesthetic. We currently host a product library of over 200 Million items from retailers ranging from Amazon and Target to Net-A-Porter and ShopBop.

What’s next for you?

We have some very exciting product releases coming out later this Spring – from a DIY WYSIWYG to a revolutionary new way for brands to upload affiliate product feeds. Can’t really tell you much more than that…but we promise, it’s good. Really good!

To learn more about the company, go check out NMRKT’s website. Looking forward to keeping our eye out for what’s next!

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