On Our Radar: AMPY

On Our Radar: AMPY

Charge your phone using the energy in your body. This is a pretty compelling promise, right? Goodness knows that this is something that we could all use. Enter the “world’s smallest wearable motion charger” by AMPY. We recently caught up with AMPY and found out more about how they are fulfilling on this promise.

Describe AMPY.

AMPY is the world’s smallest wearable motion charger. It transforms the energy from a user’s motion and turns it into power for smartphones and other USB powered devices. Essentially, the more you move, the more power you get.

What was your inspiration behind AMPY?

Our three co-founders (Tejas Shastry, Mike Geier and Alex Smith) were discussing a problem they had constantly: battery for their phones. They are all PhD candidates at Northwestern in Physics and Material Science, so they used their knowledge to develop AMPY.

For Tejas, the CEO, he and his fiance’s relationship has been long distance for a few years, so inventing something to keep his phone always full of battery was important. (Their story is detailed in this Red Eye Chicago piece.)


Tell us about your products.

We are taking pre-orders for the AMPY One Motion Charger, as described above. We sell an accessory kit: a protective sleeve, an armband and a clip so you can wear AMPY on runs, bike rides, and more. Also, we’re going to be debuting our companion app soon. Using predictive battery stats, the app helps a user maximize their phone’s battery life and usage of AMPY.

What sets AMPY apart from other wearable companies?

AMPY is made to fit in your life: It’s designed like a hip flask to fit on users’ bodies. It’s lightweight and the small size won’t disrupt a run or add much to a hikers backpack or commuter’s work bag. It’s companion app makes sure you get the most out of your phone’s battery. We’re committed to smarter power: Power from your AMPY, power into your phone, and empowering people to get moving to get back the energy they use.

What has been one of the most challenging parts of getting started? How did you overcome this and what did you learn?

Launching a Kickstarter was a daunting task. We had to coordinate lots of moving parts between press outreach, product designs, writing updates, forming a brand and filming a high quality video. We initially set a goal of $100,000 and raised that in 72 hours, eventually raising $300,000. This process has set a precedent on how our company works: with an emphasis on organization and communication amongst many different parties.


Where can we buy your products, when are they available, and what is the cost?

We’re currently taking pre-orders on our website with a late summer estimated shipping date. The AMPY One costs $95 and the AMPY and Accessory Kit is $125. The app will be free.

What can we expect in the future from AMPY?

In the future, we’re hoping to integrate the technology directly into other wearables to help people cut the cord when charging.

To pre-order or to find out more about AMPY’s products, check out their website here.

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