On Our Radar: Moodmetric

On Our Radar: Moodmetric

This Finnish startup provides an intriguing wearable: imagine wearing a ring that can track your emotions, which can then help you to learn to control those emotions. We were fascinated to hear about this, so we caught up with Moodmetric’s COO, Niina Venho, to find out more.

Describe Moodmetric.

Moodmetric is a startup based in Finland providing wearable technology for emotional wellbeing. It develops tools to measure stress and other cognitive load. The company vision is to help people to understand the loading and calming factors of life and know their emotional limits.

Tell us about the Moodmetric ring.

Stress and anxiety seem to present in our lives for good. Curing them with medication creates further problems and people are seeking other methods. The Moodmetric ring helps in understanding what causes distress and what calms the mind. There are great applications, on-line tools, practices, courses and coaches – we hope that everyone finds their best way for winding down. The Moodmetric ring can be the first step in analysing one´s emotions, what affects them and what can help to calm the racing mind.

The Moodmetric Ring is a biosensor tracking emotional intensity. The combined smartphone app shows the tracked data as on-line measurement or daily figures uploaded at convenience.


What inspired you to create the Moodmetric ring?

The inventor Henry Rimminen has a Ph.D. in electronics. He was familiar with the electrodermal activity (EDA) measurement used in psychological research and wanted to see if it can be implemented in a ring form. EDA tells about emotional levels of the wearer and is a perfect indicator of the emotional load. He got the ring working, and he decided it needed to be made available for everyone.

From the beginning it was a goal for us to make the ring beautiful. Wearing a carefully crafted piece of jewel lifts the mood – the tech inside helps to improve it even more!

What sets your jewlery apart from other wearables?

The Moodmetric Ring is not a fitness tracker nor an incoming call alert. It takes care of your emotions,  and you can for instance score your meditation training without taking a single step. It is an elegant Scandinavian design product that subtly reads you.

What has been the hardest obstacle for you in creating your jewlery? What has been your favorite part?

It has been the challenge in making the perfect fit for any finger, especially for tiny woman´s fingers. The ring has been tested and worn in very small hands just to be sure that both the fit and measurement always stay optimal.

Favourite: Certainly talking with the test users who have been amazed and saying they can not believe such a great product exists!


When is the Moodmetric ring available?

We plan to start pre-sales by this summer.

Where can the Moodmetric ring be purchased and what is the cost?

Firstly via selected channels at a cost of about $200.

What can we expect from Moodmetric in the future?

We target to continuously increase emotional awareness and wellbeing. There will be more related services and cooperation with active players on this field.

To learn more, go check out Moodmetric’s website. Looking forward to keeping our eye out for what’s next from them!

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