With all the fashion tech in the world these days, sometimes we need some fashion to carry our tech, and sometimes we need them to merge together. This is where PUNCHCASE comes in. We caught up with founder Leslie Hsu to find out more about the company.


PUNCHCASE is a modern and fun collection of irresistible tech-friendly accessories including wallets, totes, pouches, cross-body bags and new for spring, bags with phone chargers.

What inspired you to start PUNCHCASE?

I really had the modern multi-tasking woman in mind and wanted to design accessories that make a busy woman’s day just a little bit easier.  I hope that when women use my bags, they think to themselves, “Thank goodness I have my PUNCHCASE.”

Tell us about your products.

PUNCHCASE bags are meant to fit and store your smart phones in a smart way.  From having special areas for storage for your phone inside, to a bag that has a built in 5000mAh battery pack to recharge your devices anytime, anywhere.


What sets PUNCHCASE apart from other fashion tech companies?

PUNCHCASE designs are functional, unique and fashionable.  The price point is incredibly thoughtful to ensure that everyone can afford one.  The detailing, high quality materials, workmanship and top-of-the-line battery inside are what sets us apart from the others.

What has been the hardest obstacle for you in creating PUNCHCASE? What has been your favorite part?

Being a new and unknown brand is never easy, it is difficult just trying to break in.  My favorite part of creating PUNCHCASE so far has been seeing the reaction and excitement when people use my products.  Some people have told me that PUNCHCASE has changed their lives! Now that’s priceless.


Where can we buy your products and what is the cost?

You can find the entire PUNCHCASE selection on my e-commerce site, www.PUNCHCASE.com  where prices range from $49-$199.

What can we expect from PUNCHCASE in the future?

Expect more options of functionality from our bags! PUNCHCASE will become the brand of bags that you can’t live without.

Leslie Hsu founder and designer of PUNCHCASE

Leslie Hsu founder and designer of PUNCHCASE

To learn more about the company, go check out PUNCHASE’s website. Looking forward to keeping our eye out for what comes out next with them.

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