On Our Radar: Stantt

On Our Radar: Stantt

One of the business models that we follow with interest in Mass Customization + Bespoke, which we see changing the way consumers shop by offering semi-custom options to mass markets. With men’s dress shirts in 6 styles and 75 sizes, Stantt fits the bill–and is getting impressive reviews from both media and customers alike. [Editor’s note: Find your own discount code to try out Stantt at the bottom of the post.] Co-founder Kirk Keel tells us more about what they’re up to:

Describe Stantt for us.

At Stantt, we believe that looking great in what you wear should be fast and easy and the first step in that is finding a perfect fit. Instead of traditional S/M/L sizing, we offer our button-ups in 75 unique sizes with a simple selection process. A customer visits the Stantt website and provides 3 measurements that are taken on his own in less than 2 minutes with a set of earbuds or a flexible tape. The measurements are inputted into our proprietary DataFit algorithm, which matches his body type to a size that will fit him like a glove. Most Stantt shirts are stocked and ship within 24 hours, so he gets a custom experience delivered immediately. Our wares are curated to only the most stylish and versatile essentials and are currently made in NYC with luxurious materials from Europe.


What inspired you to start Stantt?

Stantt originally started because my co-founder, Matt Hornbuckle, and I had personal frustrations in finding clothes that really fit us (Matt was even called out during a date because of an ill fitting shirt!) We were also the kind of guys who didn’t want to go through the process of purchasing a full custom shirt.

In doing research, we found out that traditional S/M/L sizing only fits 15% of men properly (which we thought was ridiculous!) We always believed there was a better way, so we started to challenge the fundamental aspects and practices of the industry. Neither one of us had fashion backgrounds, but that lack of bias allowed us to ask deep questions and brainstorm solutions. Ultimately, we wanted to give guys a new apparel option that blended only the best attributes of ready-to-wear clothing (such as immediacy and accessibility) with custom clothing’s perfect fit…  and thus Stantt was born.

What sets Stantt apart from other fashion tech companies?

Two aspects of Stantt differentiate us from other fashion tech companies: our brand and our technology.

Stantt is more than just another fashion label.  Our name is derived from the words “Constant Improvement“, and our brand is about giving guys the confidence and tools to go after their dreams and constantly improve as a man. We do that in a variety of ways, from inspirational content to getting involved in a local mentorship program.

We spent two years developing our patent-pending DataFit Technology in collaboration with some amazing industry and university experts. DataFit is rooted in, well, big data from thousands of 3D body scans of guys and millions of actual body measurements. We then refined our sizing system through hundreds of in-person fittings and thousands of digital test fittings. This makes DataFit the most sophisticated ready-to-wear sizing system in the world, and the feedback we have received so far from our customers has supported that notion.


What has been the hardest obstacle for you in creating Stantt? What has been your favorite part?

The most challenging aspects of getting Stantt off the ground have also been some of the most rewarding for us. When you do something completely different than the norm, you are naturally going to face some naysayers. Many told us that Stantt wouldn’t be possible. Some even laughed at us. [Editor’s note: Screw those people!]

We ran a top 1% Kickstarter campaign in late 2013 which began to turn some heads and prove that real demand existed for our idea. We eventually found a core set of partners that believed in what we were doing and genuinely wanted to be a part of it. It was never easy, but the process of building our team and gaining early believers was highly rewarding and motivating.

What can we expect from Stantt in the future?

We are laser focused right now on providing the fastest and easiest custom-like experience in button-up shirting, but we have plans to expand Stantt into other areas of his closet. Also, we will be bringing the brand directly to our customers with in-person experiences so guys can try Stantt first-hand. We’re going to have a retail space inside NYC’s well-known Chelsea Market in April and May, and we have plans for other similar pop-ups throughout 2015.

Stantt founders Kirk Keel and Matt Hornbuckle.

Stantt founders Kirk Keel and Matt Hornbuckle.

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