On Our Radar: Stylinity, Making Selfies Shoppable

On Our Radar: Stylinity, Making Selfies Shoppable

Stylinity is a NYC-based fashion tech startup that is “making selfies shoppable.” 100 million selfies are posted every single day (!) and the company is helping to make and monetize the connection between the people posting the pics and the viewers who are ready to shop from them.

We got the scoop from Stylinity CEO Tadd Spering:

Describe Stylinity.

Almost everyone has asked someone, “Where’d you get that?”, and the question is increasingly common on social media. Stylinity makes it easier for that style inspiration to connect immediately to the purchase of a specific product, without the tedium of search and its potential to divert shoppers out of the purchase funnel.

Stylinity is making selfies shoppable, letting people share and shop street style inspiration, as shown by real people.  Users can upload their own shoppable looks and get rewarded when they influence a purchase, or shop from Looks delivered directly to their social feeds or at the shopping portal at Stylinity.com–and get rewarded for shopping as well.  With Stylinity, you can see it, love it, and buy it, all from the same post in your newsfeed or timeline. The platform syndicates shoppable Looks easily to all the leading social media channels, and every post carries an “I Want This” button to connect the shopper immediately to the retail site for purchase.


What inspired you to start the company?

My wife started sending me dressing-room selfies years ago for a second opinion, and she’d send them to her friends, too. She’d also share advice with them on the brands that fit her well, or combinations she thought were particularly cool, and I thought it would be great if she could earn more than “Likes” for making recommendations that led her friends to actually buy something. Stylinity grew out of the idea that people could provide more meaningful recommendations to friends, and help them easily acquire things they might love, by combining shared images with product information and a platform to share that to all the social sites people already know and love.

 What makes Stylinity special?

Stylinity is really the first of its kind — we’re the only platform that delivers shoppable content natively in feed, and our product tagging system (via UPC scan, direct URL tagging coming soon) is simple and quick. The power of Stylinity lies in the social connections, which extend the reach of the shoppable Looks far beyond the community at Stylinity.com, and deliver the content to the consumers who are looking for it, from the people they trust and like, where they want to see it.

I started working on this – pitching people on the idea that people would share pictures of themselves and inspire others with their fashion sense – long before “Selfie” became a household word, and we’ve been building the tools and back-end for this for three years now. We’ve had to solve a ton of problems along the way, and gotten tons of feedback from users – shoppers, bloggers, fashionistas, and others – and we’ve built all of that into what we think is a great product.

The market seems to agree, too, and for the last 3 months we’ve been growing the user base by an average of over 19% a week with almost no marketing – faster than Twitter or Pinterest did when they were in the early high-growth phase.


What do you offer brands when you partner with them?

We offer brands the chance to turn their best customers into their brand ambassadors. User generated content is more trustworthy, more memorable, and more engaging than branded content. By partnering with us, and sharing a commission on the sales we help them generate, we can pass through much of that revenue to the people creating great content and the people who buy it – building a social shopping rewards program for their customers that builds the brand and drives great engagement. We’ve spent a lot of time working on this and making the process easy, and in the last 6 months have brought over 180 great retailers and brands on board.

We also offer a number of ways retailers can work with us on unique co-marketing and partnerships to increase user engagement and exposure across the platform, and we’re excited about building on our existing partnerships this year.

What’s next for you?

Right now we’re focused on continuing to build the community so bloggers and fashionistas can earn even more for sharing great content and people looking for style inspiration can find even more great content they can shop. As we really build that out and add a small number of new features our customers have requested, we’ll also expand into some other product categories like travel and soft goods – really anything that ties back to someone’s lifestyle. We really see enormous potential, the direction in which social shopping is developing, and see it almost as a social marketplace to help people more directly connect with the people that inspire them and acquire the products they like, and where, hopefully, people with a great eye for style who love to share will be able to make a career out of sharing that expertise with others through our platform.

 Learn more about Stylinity by checking out their website.

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