You Should Know: Macala Wright

You Should Know: Macala Wright

Long time members of the fashion tech community will recognize Macala Wright, who’s been providing insights in the space across multiple platforms for many years. If it sometimes seems like you’re seeing her byline everywhere, that’s because you probably are; she’s prolific in her work. We recently caught up with Macala to learn more about where she’s been and where she’s going next.

Tell us about what you do.

I’m a writer, author and teacher–most of all, I like to say I’m a storyteller. I currently write for Mashable, PSFK and Canvas8. I also work in marketing for the MAGIC Tradeshow.

What was your path to get here?

That’s a 10-year path: In 2005, I realized that my degree in 19th century literature wasn’t going to get me very far. I developed a passion for writing and was fascinated with marketing, so I began to teach myself about marketing as it related to fashion and retail. Several jobs later, I started my first blog called Inside FMM that pretty much launched my career in digital, as well as helped me build my writing career. [Editor’s note: We still miss Inside FMM!]

That blog let me explore my love of writing, fascination with media and desire to understand how human behavior was being changed by technology. That then lead me to start studying our behavioral patterns as consumers to figure out what triggers on what makes us shop. That’s where things got really interesting. It was no easy subject to articulate. Inside FMM was four years of discovery!

That’s when I began to write about it outside my blog and company and took what I’d been learning into mainstream online news outlets. The writing for those outlets then lead me back into consulting and strategy work for a host of fashion brands like ALDO, Cynthia Rowley, InStyle Magazines, as well as entertainment companies like Universal Pictures and The Smithsonian Channel.

MAGIC Macala

Macala (at left) at MAGIC last year. We worked with her on a wearables booth. So fun!

 What are you most excited about for the future?

I’m excited to start delving deeper into human behavior; now that technology is becoming more sophisticated and innovative, our emotional and inspirational states that fuel and / or trigger our behavior are drastically changing. That fact that we’re becoming hybrid systems–the connected self and singularity come into play here–is fascinating. While it’s fascinating, it’s also complex.

I want to continue to help brands and companies understand it in ways that are applicable and actionable to their business objectives. I write and conduct videos interview about this, develop real-life activations and seminars, and work to hone my craft so that I can serve as bridge between the way tech talks and the way retail talks. It’s a position that I’m excited to be in. Helping retail business professionals, product designers and marketers really develop insights into how to leverage tech beyond the buzz and hype that surrounds them and translate into manufacturing, design and ultimately consumer purchase is going to be a fantastic journey!

What’s next for you?

As I’ve talked about above, I’m working on several projects that will continue to help retail understand what tech innovation will do on the B2B and B2C levels. I just did a video interview with Jeremy Bergstein of The Science Project on the Theatre of Retail. For August’s MAGIC, we’re designing a new way to look at wearable technology and how wearables will impact product design and development. As Los Angeles is becoming a new destination for tech, I’m also working on hybrid programs that are going to be designed to spark conversations around technology, fashion and entertainment and building a YouTube series out of that as well. Lots of amazing opportunities ahead!

How can people stay in touch?

Engage with me on Instagram or Twitter, watch awesome videos on my YouTube channel, and expand your mind on the blog at

Anything else we should know?

Selfies and Throwback Thursdays need to die. Let’s create new memes? [Editor’s note: Yes, please!]

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