On Our Radar: Royce Leather // Wearables for James Bond

On Our Radar: Royce Leather // Wearables for James Bond

Sometimes we all get so caught up in the startup hype that we tend to ignore the innovations that are coming out of established companies. So what’s a legacy company to do? Make it’s users feel like James Bond, for starters. Royce Leather has been family-owned for three generations, and is keeping things more than current with a foray into some really cool wearables. Recently we caught up with William Bauer of Royce Leather to tell us more. Check it out:

Describe Royce Leather.

Royce Leather is a refined lifestyle brand for business travelers that was established in 1974 in New York. However, the tradition of leather accessories craftsmanship spans four generations in the Bauer family. Royce Leather has seamlessly integrated technology into its accessories in order to outfit the contemporary, tech-savvy executive.

Tell us about your biometric briefcase and GPS tracking wallet .

Our biometric briefcase, in Italian Saffiano Leather, provides three vital security solutions: fingerprint scanning lock, RFID blocking technology and a GPS tracker. Think of it as the briefcase that James Bond would use.

The GPS Tracking Wallet combines RFID blocking technology and GPS tracking technology, thereby thwarting both physical and identity theft of the contents of one’s wallet.


What inspired you to create these products?

Two years ago, my brother and I went out to a restaurant in New York City, probably had too much to drink, and left our wallets behind. We said to ourselves “never again”. Thus, the GPS tracking wallet was born.

What sets your products apart from other wearables?

Too often, the technology quality in these type of products vastly outweighs the quality of the product in which it is integrated. [Editor’s note: Too true.] Keeping in line with our brand’s DNA and heritage, we distinguish ourselves by using American and Italian genuine leathers. Moreover, given the vertically integrated nature of our firm, we can do so at competitively low costs.

What has been one of the most challenging parts of getting started? How did you overcome this and what did you learn?

There is a significant learning curve when transforming a traditional leather goods company into a modern one. This entails embracing the daunting challenge of figuring out how to physically integrate technology into the design of the product, without compromising on aesthetics. Rebranding yourself as a wearable technology brand is a difficult task as well, particularly when retailers have been stocking your goods for decades and have become accustomed to a particular familiarity with your brand.


Where can we buy your products and what is the cost?

Our products are sold both online internationally and in most major American department stores. The GPS tracking wallet is $100 and the biometric briefcase is $500.

What can we expect next from Royce Leather?

We are constantly re-inventing ourselves with technology, while still sustaining the artisanal small batch craftsmanship that would make my great grandfather proud. Expect to see briefcases with mobile charging systems in the next few months.

To see more of Royce Leather’s products check out their website here.

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