On Our Radar: Kapture

On Our Radar: Kapture

We’re all very good these days at capturing our lives in photos, but often the sounds of our lives pass us by. Kapture is an audio-focused wearable developed to change that. It’s something really new: the first wearable dedicated solely to the purpose of “kapturing” audio. We caught up with the Kapture team to learn more:

Describe Kapture.

Founded in 2011 in Cincinnati, Ohio, Kapture was the brainchild of Mike Sarow and Matthew Dooley. They set out on a mission to fill a void in the way we choose to remember and share meaningful moments in time. Their first product is Kapture, a wristband and app that lets you save and replay the last minute of anything you hear.

Tell us about the Kapture device.

Kapture wants you to be able to do more with what you hear. Some of the best things in life come and go in an instant – an unexpected quip from your little one, words of wisdom from an aging parent, the birth of an inside joke with friends, or even your own fleeting thoughts on a drive home. Kapture allows you to save these moments after-the-fact, by just tapping your wrist. Listen for the good stuff, tap to save the previous minute to your phone, then re-experience and share it with Kapture’s mobile app.

We were very intentional with how the product functions and looks. We designed the body of the device to resemble a vintage, 1950’s-style microphone grill as a symbol for capturing sound. There are no screens or buttons to distract you from living in the moment or to cramp your style. Our product comes in 6 interchangeable colors and a klip-on version for those who are wrist-averse.


What was the inspiration behind creating Kapture?

The inspiration for the product is the result of a trip that Kapture’s Co-founder, Mike Sarow, took to California back in 2009. He was there with a friend who was also there for the first time, so they were experiencing a lot of things for the first time. Throughout the trip, they were reminiscing and Mike’s friend said something that really touched him so he tapped his bare wrist saying “I am going to save that forever.” For the rest of the weekend, Mike and his friend would tap their wrists anytime either of them said something funny, interesting, or important; it became an inside joke. Afterwards, Mike realized he wished a product like this was real. He then began creating Kapture.

What sets your product apart from other wearables?

Kapture is the first wearable completely dedicated to audio. Unlike smartwatches, our product doesn’t boast a laundry list of features but instead allows you to do one thing well. In an emerging market, we believe that people are craving something that’s not only simple to use but also looks good and gives you a benefit that you can’t get from your smartphone. Instead of another screen in your life, we’re delivering a product that makes you look up and not down; to tune into the world around you and benefit from that mindfulness. It rewards you for paying attention. It’s interesting to think about what wearables say about the person wearing them. Fitness trackers say “I’m active.” Smart jewelry says “I’m fashionable.” Smart watches say “I’m tech-savvy”. Kapture says “I’m listening.”

What has been one of the most challenging parts of getting started? How did you overcome this and what did you learn?

One of the most challenging things for us – and for many other hardware startups – is setting up manufacturing and managing production. It’s expensive and cumbersome. It has been a great learning process to understand how difficult it is to thoroughly test an entire product run, to get the device through various certifications, and to work with a manufacturer on the other side of the world.

We overcame this by being persistent, hiring additional talent when the problem we faced needed more expertise, and to never lose faith that we will get to the finish line.


Where can we buy Kapture, when is it available, and what is the cost?

You can purchase Kapture on our website.

Kapture is available for pre-order today at a discounted price of $99. When we go live later this month, full MSRP will be $149. Wristband and klip-on accessories are $15 and $25, respectively.

What can we expect next from Kapture?

Kapture is a platform for serendipitous audio moments. The benefit space is the most important part. An analog people have used for us is the ‘Instagram of Audio.’ When you think audio, we want you to think Kapture; the way you would think of ‘text’ for Twitter, and ‘pictures’ for Instagram. “Hey man, did you Kapture that?”  If we hear this quote, regardless of how you execute the technical side, we’ll be happy. More specifically, we also want a saved audio klip to have the ability to travel into social platforms and other useful applications (like Evernote, Shazam, etc). A major part of the next six months at Kapture will involve ‘listening’ to our consumers and prioritizing what moves we make first. Innovation needs to be informed.

To learn more about Kapture or to pre-order, check out their website here and check out the video below. We’re curious to see how people use the device!

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