On Our Radar: Chic Sketch

On Our Radar: Chic Sketch

Digital is great for so many things, but it tends to take away the hand of the artist. We love anything that merges digital with analog, and so we’re especially keen on a new app / service that uses a real artist to turn nearly any photo into a hand-drawn fashion illustration… in minutes! Chic Sketch’s co-founder Emily Brickel tells us more.

Describe Chic Sketch.

Chic Sketch is a new and innovative mobile iPhone and android app that lets you turn your latest look into a custom fashion sketch that’s obsessively Instagram-able. Chic Sketch is the newest way to “elevate your selfie”.

What was your inspiration behind creating Chic Sketch?

My fiancé, Jordan Edelson of Appetizer Mobile, and I are partners in the app. This inspiration came after Jordan accompanied me to a fashion launch party where I was live illustrating. After seeing the way party-goers reacted to my sketches, and because of his extensive background in app development, he wanted to devise a way to bring my sketches to the masses.

Here's what ChicSketch did for us! See the it full size in Third Wave Magazine.

Here’s what Chic Sketch did for us! See it full size in Third Wave Magazine.

What sets Chic Sketch apart from other fashion tech companies?

Chic Sketch brings hand-drawn fashion illustrations directly to your phone. No other fashion or fashion tech company has done anything like that. The process is not made by a computer, every sketch is done by hand and made to order in 3-5 minutes. Depending on how much of a demand there is, wait time is a few minutes to a few hours.

What has been one of the most challenging parts of getting started? How did you overcome this and what did you learn?

The most challenging part of getting started was predicting demand. To overcome that, we created a scalable model that allows us to grow our reach by adding more illustrators. We are getting interest from around the world for a wider variety of subjects like pets and weddings. But fashion and beauty remain our core subjects. For now, we are letting our customers dictate what they are looking for.

Chic Sketch1

Where can we buy your app and what is the cost?

You can download Chic Sketch for free on iTunes here or android here. Each sketch is created by a live fashion illustrator, so each Chic Sketch is $9.99.

What can we expect next from Chic Sketch?

Chic Sketch is garnering interest from big brands and has already inked a few partnerships. We are expanding and working on some events and activations. We have many more things in the works so stay tuned!

We are charmed with what Chic Sketch is doing! To see their gallery and to learn more go here.

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