On Our Radar: FitMeSo

On Our Radar: FitMeSo

One of the fashion tech business models that we track is “Mass Customization and Bespoke.” While only 10% of consumers have bought a custom-made item, a third would like to–and many companies are starting to see big business from the strategy. FitMeSo is a startup who’s goal is to take the image in a shopper’s mind of the exact dress they are looking for–with custom fit. We caught up with Christine Lo, the Co-founder of FitMeSo, to tell us more.

Describe FitMeSo.

FitMeSo is an online store where women can design the dresses of their dreams thanks to a visual and interactive creation tool that we have developed. There are no pre-designed models, and each dress is a unique user creation achieved by combining different shapes and fabrics together. The creations that customers order are then handmade from scratch in our workshop, according to their personal body measurements. In this way, our customers can get the ideal garment they had in mind, both in terms of style and fit.

What inspired you to start FitMeSo?

Inspiration came through my original occupation as a singer in upscale lounges and restaurants. For my performances I always had to wear classy cocktail-style dresses to match the atmosphere of the venues, and of course wearing the same dress more than once in the same place wasn’t an option. As I was constantly searching for new dresses and battling with the style and fit issues you always get when shopping for the perfect piece of clothing, I remembered the paper doll clothes I used to love making as a child. I remembered how cool it was to play with these colorful pieces of paper and assemble them according to my moods into complete styles for my dolls. Because of this constant need for new dresses and the souvenir of that childhood game, I eventually came to the point where I told myself that both needs should be satisfied in the real world: the need of unique and perfectly fitting clothes, and the need to give your fashion creativity free rein!


What sets FitMeSo apart from other fashion tech companies?

I think a lot of fashion tech companies focus on innovating in social and interactive services around the shopping experience, but the core of the business, the products themselves, remain untouched. Clothes, bags, accessories, most of them are still designed and manufactured according to the ready-to-wear industry’s standards. That is what sets us apart, as we put these steps in the hands of our customers and let them dictate how the product should be. We don’t innovate on the tools and services complementing the shopping experience, we innovate on the way the product itself is made.

What has been the hardest obstacle for you in creating FitMeSo? What has been your favorite part?

I think the answer will be generic to any start-up, but the main obstacle is finding enough money and then making the most out of it to materialize your idea into a concrete business. For the favorite part, honestly every single part of the creation of the company was great. Building the website was super fun, setting up our workshop and office was kind of like establishing a second home, and finding some staff motivated to work for our concept was really rewarding. The only parts that are real punishments for me are the accounting and paperwork parts. I’m completely allergic to that!


What can we expect from FitMeSo in the future?

Adding new shapes and fabrics will be a permanent process to increase the creation possibilities, so that’s something you should regularly see coming up in the future. Besides that, we will keep improving our dress creation tool to make it easier to use, and we will also work on making the product rendering look more and more realistic and detailed. Finally, we have a lot of work to do to make the whole experience mobile friendly, so there will lots of changes in that domain as well.

To learn more about FitMeSo, check out the video below, and take a look at their website here.

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