On Our Radar: Glass Handbag

On Our Radar: Glass Handbag

Sometimes the best wearable tech can be the simplest kind. Glass Handbag is an accessories company that puts patented, built-in lighting systems into their handbags to help the carrier find what they need (keys, phone) quickly. Recently we spoke with Glass Handbag’s designer Tamara Leuty to tell us more.

Describe Glass Handbag.

Glass Handbag is all about beautiful, visually interesting pieces made with the best quality materials. Additionally, each bag is made with a durable light panel built inside. Glass Handbags are not only good looking, but they help to ease your day-to-day life. Searching feverishly through your handbag in a dark parking lot or restaurant for your keys, money, lipstick, etc. is a think of the past. We like to think Glass Handbag is therefore the ultimate luxury handbag. This is the standard we hold ourselves to each season.

What was your inspiration behind creating Glass Handbag?

When I was as young as a teenager, it occurred to me that a light inside a handbag would be beyond ideal. As the years went on, my frustration with rummaging through the black hole to find what I needed when I needed it became way too great. I got tired of waiting for someone else to make this type of bag, and went ahead and decided to do it myself. So I began the journey of research and development. I quickly fell in love with this process which would go on for multiple years until the technology and designs were truly perfect.

The light on the inside of a Glass Handbag.

The light on the inside of a Glass Handbag.

What sets Glass Handbag apart from other wearables?

Hopefully the design; I work really hard to make the bags unique. I don’t want to follow the trends, I want to make the trends, or just challenge myself. For me there is no point in making a common looking bag. I love it when people say to me something like, “I have never seen a bag like that.” The light function is really just the icing on top.

What has been one of the most challenging parts of getting started? How did you overcome this and what did you learn?

The most challenging parts of getting started are; getting the name out there, marketing, the basic cost of development, and the patience to make it just right. I am always making modifications to make every bag better. You have to be stubborn and tough skinned to make your business successful. The most frustrating part is fighting off the copy cats.

Where can we buy your products and what is the cost?

All our products and the prices can be found on our website.

Glass Handbag1

What can we expect next from The Glass Handbag?

More visibility in mainstream stores and online, and making the bags more special and unique with every collection.

Check Glass Handbag out here!

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