On Our Radar: Quell

On Our Radar: Quell

Many wearables are for fun or novelty, but at Third Wave fashion, our favorites are the ones that offer true functionality. NeuroMetrix has come up with a product that does just that: it offers relief to people suffering from chronic pain. We’ve heard really good things from people who have used their new product, Quell, so we recently caught up with NeuroMetrix to learn more.

Describe NeuroMetrix.

NeuroMetrix is a publicly traded (Nasdaq:NURO) medical technology company that develops innovative wearable technology and point-of-care neurodiagnostic devices. The company is located in Waltham, Massachusetts and was founded as a spinoff from the Harvard-MIT Division of Health Sciences and Technology in 1996 by Shai Gozani, M.D., Ph.D., NeuroMetrix President and Chief Executive Officer.

What sets Quell apart from other wearables?

Quell is a next-generation wearable because it goes beyond basic metric tracking to actually provide therapeutic benefit to the 100 million Americans suffering with chronic pain.  Worn just below the knee, Quell utilizes NeuroMetrix proprietary nerve stimulation technology that calibrates automatically for every user, determining the ideal therapeutic intensity of electrical nerve stimulation to provide optimal pain relief. The nerve stimulation triggers a central inhibition effect that “turns down the volume” of pain signals.


Something special about Quell is that in addition to providing therapeutic benefit, users also have the ability to track their pain therapy and sleep activity via an iOS smartphone app.  Having the opportunity to look at this kind of information helps users tailor their pain therapy to best fit their life and pain relief needs.

Where can we buy your products, when are they available, and what is the cost?

Quell is available for pre-order now on Indiegogo through mid-April at a discounted rate. In June, the device will be available direct to consumers via our website and in select doctor’s offices. Right now we’re only able to ship to customers in the US and Canada, but plan to expand internationally in the future.  The device will cost $250, and monthly electrodes will be $30/month.


What can we expect next from NeuroMetrix?

Our long-term aspirations are to bring safe, effective pain relief to more people. Right now, we know that Quell is beneficial for conditions like diabetic neuropathy, osteoarthritis, sciatica, fibromyalgia, among other conditions.  We’re taking a look at what other conditions this kind of nerve stimulation may be beneficial for, like restless leg syndrome, for example.  Looking forward, we’re also hoping to make Quell available in retail stores so it can be more widely accessible to the general public.

We are looking forward to seeing what other wearables NeuroMetrix comes up with! Check out Quell here and watch the video below.

Quell Wearable Pain Relief Technology from Neurometrix on Vimeo.

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