On Our Radar: Shopstasy

On Our Radar: Shopstasy

Instagram is a highly popular platform for sharing images, but it continues to be incredibly unfriendly to shoppers. We found a startup that is aiming to solve this problem for shoppers by integrating image sharing with direct commerce. We recently caught up with Shopstasy to learn more.

Describe Shopstasy.

Shopstasy helps people discover and shop fashion products seen on the Instagram profiles of top stores, brands and designers.

All fashion related photos are aggregated and displayed in a visual grid. Users can easily browse Instagram images by category or by favorite store and buy what they like with just a few clicks.

The latest fashion trends are featured on our Instagram feed @shopstasy so that our followers are the first to learn about what’s trending now on Instagram.


What inspired you to start Shopstasy?

Instagram’s 300 million user base and engagement rates higher than any other social media make it a powerful platform for retailers and brands to showcase their products. In fact, social media users interact with brands on Instagram much more than they do on Facebook or Twitter.

The problem is that identifying and buying the items users like can often be a challenge, especially since Instagram doesn’t allow links on individual posts. If users want to buy those trending shoes or that gorgeous bag they would have to leave the app and dig around on their own on the retailer’s site. The more steps they have to take to buy something, the more the conversion rate drops off.

That is why we decided to develop Shopstasy: a place where the Instagram feeds of  top stores and brands are aggregated and made “shoppable”. With just a couple of clicks users can buy the items they like directly from their favorite stores.

What sets Shopstasy apart from other fashion tech companies?

There are other companies trying to make Instagram “shoppable”. Most of them are focused on providing useful marketing tools for brands. Shopstasy is the only platform that focuses on end users and that aggregates Instagram photos in different categories (clothing, shoes, bags, etc.) making them shoppable. Last but not least, if there is an outfit with different items, we link each and every one of them to exactly where they can be found on the retailer’s site, (and not just a single item like all the other platforms do).

Finally, we also offer a white label solution: by using the domain click2shop.at any store can make their Instagram feed shoppable.


What can we expect from Shopstasy in the future?

We are working hard to add more features and capabilities to our site for both users and brands/stores. We keep adding more Instagram profiles to our platform every day (check the full list of Instagram profiles available on our site here).

We will definitely be keeping an eye on what Shopstasy’s platform brings in the future. Check out their website here!

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