On Our Radar: Showroom

On Our Radar: Showroom

This company makes videos shoppable creating a win-win for both the producers and the consumers. Recently we caught up with Victor Solomon from Showroom to fill us in.

Describe Showroom.

Showroom is a shoppable video platform that allows viewers to click on featured items and purchase directly from content.

What inspired you to start Showroom?

As a filmmaker, I saw firsthand the pain of a brand spending money on video with no quantifiable effect on sales. Although they understood how much their customer loves video and how well it showcases product, brands were frustrated with the inability to directly connect. Additionally, once a brand’s video was dispensed into the ether, the velocity to move a customer to buy was lost in their hunt to get back to the purchase point.

Showroom was born to create an elegant and intuitive way to bring value to video.

What sets Showroom apart from other fashion tech companies?

Shoppable video is something of a white whale. The space has had failures before us and continues to alongside us. We’ve learned from these mistakes and built Showroom with a particular sensitivity to both brand and customer sides of the experience.

Our full integration with a brand’s existing e-commerce platform allows viewers to build a cart dynamically without interrupting the viewing experience – previous attempts jettison viewers from the video on click, launching them to an individual product page, interrupting the experience and only creating the opportunity for one sale.

With video’s sharability in mind, Showroom allows viewers to checkout wherever the video is embedded and on any device – distributing the purchase point to new audiences and removing all friction between awareness and purchase.


What has been the hardest obstacle for you in creating Showroom?

Patience. 10 billion video views roll off every day and each one is a missed opportunity. We have an ambitious plan to evolve the way content creators monetize video and can’t get there fast enough.

What has been your favorite part?

Three things: working alongside a brilliant, ambitious and impassioned team for which none of this would be possible without; watching “civilian” focus group participant’s eyes light up as they play with Showroom during one of our regular usability test sessions; and hearing customers say, “Finally.”


What can we expect next from Showroom?

Video is evolving rapidly, but brands and advertisers are stuck with antiquated modes to monetize it. Pre-roll and display attempts are tone-deaf to the viewer’s experience and brands are increasingly frustrated with their results.

With Showroom we have a huge opportunity to introduce an engaging, interactive way to bring value to video: enabling direct conversion to viewers, value-add product placement and improving the viewing experience across platforms irrevocably.

To find out more about Showroom check out the video below and their website here.

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