On Our Radar: Stitch Labs

On Our Radar: Stitch Labs

We know we should have a strong strategy for multi-channel sales–the majority of offline sales are influenced by the web, after all. Many brands and business owners today face the daunting task of figuring out what tools to use to implement a strong strategy, with many facets of the business in mind. That’s where Stitch Labs comes in: this startup aims to seamlessly and simply integrate these facets to create a better system (with less juggling) for businesses. We talked with Stitch Labs to tell us more.

Describe Stitch Labs.

Stitch Labs is an online inventory control solution that simplifies multi-channel retail business. It automatically syncs inventory, orders and sales across channels, which provides retailers a holistic understanding of their operations. With Stitch, retailers save time, make better decisions, and grow their businesses. Stitch integrates with top sales channels such as Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Shopify, WooCommerce and Square, as well as add-ons including Quickbooks, Xero and ShipStation.

What inspired you to start Stitch Labs?

The company began when our creator Brandon Levey found himself frustrated with lack of options when it came to managing his business. He needed an automated and integrated tool to manage inventory and orders for his independent design and manufacturing company.

When nothing seemed to fit the bill, the answer was clear—he’d have to build it himself. Believing in the possibility of a simple yet powerful platform that could help all retail and wholesale businesses, Levey assembled a top-notch team of business owners, designers, and engineers to bring the idea to life. In January 2011, Stitch Labs was born.


What value does Stitch Labs have that makes it stand out against other startups in the space?

Because of the company’s expansive growth and flexible integrations, Stitch is quickly becoming a one-stop-shop for retailers and business owners looking to simplify their operations in a more cohesive way. The platform provides crucial data within a business that arms decision-makers about what decisions to make. Stitch has already begun automating day-to-day tasks like published listings on multiple channels, and will continue leading the automation trend to make retailers more knowledgeable about their business and guide them to growth.

What has been one of the most challenging parts of getting started? How did you overcome this and what did you learn?

Inventory management is ubiquitous for retailers, but the biggest challenge is that it can mean so many different things to people. As we continue expanding our solution, it’s important that we have a strong pulse on what processes and technologies will formalize how businesses manage their inventory, orders and other important operational functions. Although it’s tough, this challenge has pushed us to develop the most efficient and effective solutions that help educate retailers on how they should manage their back-office operations and also how they can leverage automated tools like Stitch to grow their businesses.


To check out more about Stitch Labs take a look at their website here!

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