On Our Radar: AppSnap

On Our Radar: AppSnap

Previously if consumers wanted to sell high end jewelry they would either have to sell it through an established online consignment platform or hope they could find a local jewelry store willing to buy the piece. Opulent has created an app they hope will give luxury jewelry consignment a much broader audience. We recently spoke with Opulent’s founder Jon Opulent to learn more about what the company is up to.

You’re an existing jewelry company who have launched an app. First, describe Opulent for us.

Opulent Jewelers is a luxury jewelry boutique based in Pennsylvania. We specialize in buying and selling truly exquisite and hard-to-find pieces from major brands like Cartier, Chanel, Gucci, and others.

What inspired you to start AppSnap?

We found that many individuals were having trouble reaching the right buyers for their old luxury jewelry pieces. For instance, if you’re trying to sell a $25,000 necklace, placing an ad on Craigslist probably isn’t going to reach the kinds of people who are actually interested in buying that sort of high-end jewelry. At Opulent Jewelers, we already have an established customer base of high net-worth individuals who love these sorts of pieces, so it was simply a matter of creating an app that would conveniently connect individual jewelry sellers to our discerning customers.


What sets AppSnap apart from other fashion tech apps in the space?

There are two things that make AppSnap the best of it’s kind. Firstly, it’s remarkably easy to use! You simply take a photo of the jewelry you want to sell, type in a description, and send it to us through the app. If we’re interested in selling it for you, we’ll get back to you with a quote, plus take care of shipping it, polishing it, and listing it on our store. For every step of this simple process, AppSnap is there walking you through it with very clear instructions. Secondly, AppSnap was created specifically to deal with truly exquisite jewelry pieces (think $20,000+), so if you’re looking to sell that kind of upscale item, this app was designed specifically to help you sell it as quickly and easily as possible.

What has been the hardest obstacle for you in creating AppSnap? What has been your favorite part?

While the behind-the-scenes programming that went into AppSnap was quite a challenge, we are very happy with the end result! The app looks great and runs smoothly. After all that work, the best part is definitely hearing from our users how convenient they find it to be.


What can we expect from Opulent in the future?

AppSnap is currently available for free on iTunes, and we ultimately hope to have it available on the Google Play Store as well. Beyond that, we’re always working on bringing in stunning designer jewelry pieces from around the globe, and we’ve definitely got some upcoming items that we’re very, very excited about, so check our store regularly to see what’s new!

Find out more about AppSnap by going to their website here.

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