Watch What Can Happen When We Put Our Devices Away

Watch What Can Happen When We Put Our Devices Away

Some of the best wearables can help people to be more present–not less. While there is danger of constantly staring at our wrists the same way we now stare at our phones, the new breed of notifications wearables are giving us the tools we so desperately need to be able to stay connected to the things that are most important to us. 

Kovert is a company that makes the Altruis, a gorgeous notifications wearable (we introduced you to them last year.) Today, they’ve released a video, “I See You,” of ten strangers staring in each other’s eyes. It’s a pretty powerful reminder of the kinds of connections we’re missing when we’re busy making eyes at our screens. Watch it below.

This quote, from Nicholas Carr, sums it up quite nicely.

If we lose these quiet spaces, or fill them up with content, we will sacrifice something important not only in ourselves, but in our cultures.

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