LOVE LUST OR RUN partners with Stylinity

LOVE LUST OR RUN partners with Stylinity

We’ve had our eye on Stylinity for awhile now, and last week Stylinity announced an exciting collaboration with TLC and the popular TV show LOVE LUST OR RUN. Viewers can now shop a TLC TV show! We got an inclusive interview with Stylinity to tell us more about their new partnership and technology.

Tell us about your collaboration with TLC and how it came about.

We’re very excited about this collaboration with TLC – it’s really a game changer for TV to make it sync with second screen engagement. The collaboration came out of our work with the show’s host, Stacy London. She’s been interested in making her show shoppable for a while, in real time. She has avid followers who are really engaged, inspired by her personally, and who want to be able to buy what she’s wearing. Last season, they filled social media with comments and questions on what she was wearing and where they could get it. With this collaboration, Stacy London is helping her fans, TLC is increasing viewer engagement and giving fans what they are asking for, and we’re all working together to position the show to take full advantage of the opportunity for new technologies. These new technologies, like Go2Buy, help maximize the opportunity presented by the second screen engagement trend. One study found nearly 87% of viewers engage a second screen while watching TV now!

We also love the concept of the show – not just changing someone’s look, but hopefully also changing her life. It seemed like a natural idea to extend the ability to shop those looks to the fans, especially since so many are already following on Twitter or Facebook as they watch the show. It’s also a great chance to showcase the flexibility of our platform, which is really built to make shoppable content work everywhere, including social channels and on TLC’s website, so we jumped at the chance to collaborate with them on this.


Stacy London image c/o Stylinity.

Can you tell us more about your Go2Buy platform?

Go2Buy is the simplest way to create and share shoppable content across all social media channels and monetize earned audiences.

Brands and other businesses are already sharing great content on their social feeds. Their fans want to buy the products they see in those images on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and elsewhere – and the brands want the fans to be able to buy them. Our tools make it easy for them to provide a solution, removing much of the friction that has traditionally been present and led many customers to opt out of the purchase funnel. Content made shoppable through our technology leads to instant, precise gratification – click the Buy Now button to connect directly to purchase the product you want. No waiting, no information delays, no membership required to shop. It’s based on our patented platform and content creation system, which allows each of the products featured in a Look to include unique Buy Now buttons that deep-link to specific product pages on e-commerce sites where fans can actually buy the specific products.

For Stacy’s show, the new looks go live as the show airs. This means her fans on social media can buy any of the items she’s wearing in real time during the show, or through, without having to try to search endlessly for those products. We saw great results from the first episode and believe the momentum will continue to build as more fans find out about the opportunity to shop their fashion idols from social media in real time.

The technology is incredibly flexible, and works in any vertical that wants their fans to be able to connect directly to a specific transaction – whether a purchase, booking or information request – we’re speaking with interested brands in many categories, like fashion, beauty, home goods, travel, and more.

How can a company sign up for Go2Buy and how much does it cost?

Companies in interesting in signing up for Go2Buy should call us at 646 775-2777 or e-mail us at We have a range of solutions that fit all business sizes and budgets, from small businesses to large brands, and we offer custom packages – like what we did for Love, Lust, or Run – as well. Integrating with us and using the platform is simple and only takes a few hours.  We’re very customer-oriented and make on-boarding simple and stress free for new clients.

Image c/o Stylinity.

Image c/o Stylinity.

What is next for you guys?

In the near term, we’re focusing on getting our new clients up and running on Go2Buy, building the program, increasing our blogger membership and continuing to grow overall. Given the new paid options the social networks are beginning to offer, we’re monitoring offerings and opportunities, and will deepen our integration to ensure we optimize delivery and engagement across networks for our members. Our tech continues to be a tool to help them make the most of the engaged user base and followers they have spent time and energy building.

We have some new exciting product features coming as well, which will continue to establish our leadership in the space. Our offering is much more robust than current solutions, offering multiple deep links, dynamic content distribution from the cloud, cross-network functionality, integrated tracking and analytics from end-to-end, and more.

To learn more check out our recent blog post or Stylinity’s website here. We are excited to keep our eye on what is next for them!

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