On Our Radar: Stylekick

On Our Radar: Stylekick

This fashion tech app helps users track current trends, create their own, and even shop them. We recently spoke with Stylekick’s CMO Natalie Gray and CEO Karn Saroya to tell us more about what the company is creating.

Describe Stylekick.

Stylekick is a Toronto-based startup that creates personalized and dynamic shopping experiences that are unique to each person’s individual style. As a user’s style evolves, we keep track and only show looks we know users will love. Stylekick works by letting users flip through thousands of outfits styled by real people.

We see people using Stylekick to drive traffic to their blogs, keep up with the latest trends through our editorials & top picks sections, to build a following around their style–and to sell products as brands, boutiques or as individuals.

Can users set their style and choose which bloggers to follow?

Yes, users can chose to follow specific people or brands on Stylekick. While we try and show content that we think shoppers will like, our next big feature roll-out is centered around product and style discovery–meaning, users will be able to browse specific and emerging styles.


What inspired you to start Stylekick?

We’ve been building products that are intended to inspire, entertain and engage shoppers for some time. When we first started working on Stylekick we were building body-scanners to help shoppers be better informed about sizing of online purchases. Eventually, we decided to move away from that, and started experimenting with products we could build to help shoppers “cut through the noise” when it came to discovering the styles they would be most happy with. Our Stylekick app tries to figure out which styles and items users love best through their interactions on our products, and are the result of a lot of tinkering!

How did you get started and involved?

Natalie Grey worked for Russell Simmons in New York in marketing for his fashion brands and is the fashion brain behind the company. Anand Dhillon, Stylekick’s CTO, worked in internet marketing and as a developer, and Karn Saroya as a management consultant. Stylekick started at MIT with Karn and Anand building out a body-scanner, pivoting and then bringing Natalie in to build out a more consumer-oriented fashion business.

What sets Stylekick apart from other fashion tech companies?

Most of Stylekick’s users are regular, but stylish, people who want to build a following around themselves. Because we’re growing quickly, there is a huge benefit to being an early adopter and content creator on Stylekick–most of our users are going to see the styles they’ve contributed at some point in the feed. Our apps are very simple: we show users one outfit at a time, and have them weigh in on which parts of the outfit they like, if any, and then move on to show them another outfit. The format is very clean and to the point, unlike most fashion apps, and we’re beginning to see many boutiques upload their look books and inventories to our platform.


What has been the hardest obstacle for you in creating Stylekick? What has been your favorite part?

We’re fairly lucky in that our team is very technically competent and we can build just about anything. An app like Stylekick is at its core a two-sided marketplace, with users on one side, and brands & retailers on the other. Most companies who try to attract both to their platform simultaneously fail – they either end up lacking on the user experience side, or by failing to deliver value to brand partners. We’ve reached 9.5M views per month on our mobile products by focusing solely on user experience (and the people who make Stylekick great), and delaying working directly with brands. That being said, we’re getting enough traffic now that brands are reaching out to us.

What can we expect from Stylekick in the future?

Stylekick just underwent a major update in the App Store. With this update users will now be able to shop and compare items in app, connect with other users seamlessly, and achieve a faster, deeper personalized experience.

We are constantly iterating on the Stylekick user experience and are committed to making it the best possible fashion experience on mobile. The commerce aspects of our platform will be receiving the most love and attention from us over the next few months, as we really want people to have as easy a time buying things they love on Stylekick as they do browsing things they love on Stylekick.

Visit Stylekick’s website to find out more!

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