On Our Radar: Thread Channel

On Our Radar: Thread Channel

Nearly every consumer has been mystified by a fashion trend at some point (“Should I put my skinny jeans away now?”) and this brand new fashion tech startup aims to help with that. Thread Channel is trying to create a ‘fashion democracy’ where everyone can have access to information about all of the current trends on one platform. We had Neehrika Sinha, co-founder of Thread Channel, tell us more about what the company is building.

Describe Thread Channel.

Thread Channel is working to make fashion simple. We are aiming to bring to fashion what “theSkimm” brought to news. [Editor’s note: theSkimm is a popular daily email newsletter] In that spirit, once per day our users will get one trend delivered to them on their smartphone or tablet via our IOS App. We will define the trend, inspire looks based on bloggers, and provide links to retail outlets where the item can be bought.

What was your inspiration behind Thread Channel?

Every season fashion trends change. As a fashion junkie, I found myself going to several sources like magazines, social media outlets, and blogs to understand the trends. Generally speaking, this process would be too time consuming for the everyday woman, and she could remain mystified about the latest trends. We wanted to create a way to simplify the trends in a simple and fun app.

Thread Channel

What value does Thread Channel have that makes it stand out against other startups in the space?

We are about simplifying fashion for every woman out there. There is no app in this space. Most fashion apps deal with retail. While retail is an avenue for us we are mainly aiming to make sure every woman is in the know of trends, or as we call it, develop their overall “Fashion-oledge.”

What has been the hardest obstacle for you in starting Thread Channel? What has been your favorite part?

The hardest obstacle has been bootstrapping and getting our ideas off the ground. The startup challenges we’ve faced are in learning different aspects of building up the business. This has been both the hardest as well as the most rewarding part of our experience so far.

To be able to demystify fashion is our favorite part of being involved with Thread Channel. We want to change the notion that fashion is something that has to be experienced like the movie The Devil Wears Prada. The most fulfilling and exciting aspect is building an app that can also be a fashion enabler.


What can we expect from Thread Channel in the future?

We are aiming for our launch in Q2 to Q3 of this year. We are also looking forward to integrating Thread Channel with wearables. Meanwhile, Thread Channel is very active on social media and we invite readers to visit our Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and blog. Check out Thread Channel’s website here.

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