On Our Radar: Woax

On Our Radar: Woax

“The first invisible embedded artificial intelligence.” How’s that for a tagline? This wearable tech company has used bone conduction technology to create a personal assistant that is fitted behind your ear and ready for your command. We caught up with Woax’s CEO & Co-Founder Catherine Dyma to tell us more.

What inspired you to start Woax?

The idea came to us while we were searching new creative projects on crowdfunding platforms. One of the projects used bone conduction technology. At the same time Google announced use of this same technology in Google Glass. That’s how the idea of Woax was born.

Tell us about your product.

Woax is both easy and quick to use and is represented in two lines: color and invisible. Woax’s case is made of innovative non-allergenic materials, so that when worn it adapts to the shape of the user’s ear and to their body temperature. In an instant, users completely forget about Woax; it just becomes one with them. Woax has a variety of functions. From simple phone calls, messages, time and weather to intuitive reminders, posting on social networks, and voice web surfing. Users can create a voice stream or custom loops with people and what’s more, go into God Mode.


What sets Woax apart from other wearable companies?

Woax integrates pioneering technology that enables users to receive and make calls, as well as send and receive short voice messages. These voice messages can be either received or sent to preset loops (or user groups, friends, work colleagues, club members, etc.) or to completely new people. As we mentioned earlier, Woax has a setting called God Mode. God Mode is our own unique development; it allows you to hear voices from all over the world or from specifically selected regions. You’ll face real human emotions, events, and experience. [Editor’s note: sounds a bit like an audio Twitter stream.]

What has been the hardest obstacle for you in creating Woax? What has been your favorite part?

Like in every technological project the most important and hardest part surely is creating a prototype. At the same time this is the most fascinating piece of work because you see how your ideas transform into a device which could be a real revolutionary step in mobile technology.


Where can we buy your products, when are they available, and what is the cost?

Woax is being released in the end of 2015 or beginning of 2016. The retail price will be $150.

What can we expect next from Woax?

The basic Woax version requires a pre-installed application as well as a Bluetooth connection. But our advanced version will have the UIM (User Identification Module) from the pre-installed mobile phone carrier. This means the gadget will operate autonomously and be able to substitute for smartphones in the near future.

To find out more about Woax, check out their website and the video below.

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