Meet Trasense, the $15 Device Aiming to Democratize Wearables

Meet Trasense, the $15 Device Aiming to Democratize Wearables

$15 for a wearable? Yes, if you were one of the lucky first backers of this new startup’s Kickstarter. (It’s up to $18 as of this writing.) Trasense is a startup which offers consumers a high quality, less expensive wearable that helps track and make changes about their lifestyle. We caught up with Trasense to find out more about what they are aiming to do, and about their fundraising campaign that launched last night.

Describe Trasense.

Trasense is a brand born from the desires of three seasoned mobile hardware and software engineers who believed that wearables can be elegantly designed and extremely affordable–so that the quantified-self can be democratized. We believe that tracking and sensing (i.e “TRA” + “SENSE”) needs to be gracefully integrated into the multiple devices we wear everyday.

What inspired you to start Trasense?

We have three founders of Trasense, led by Weismann Lee, who have been building software and hardware for the mobile device world for over a decade each. We recognized a massive hole in the market that was two pronged: understanding that people will be wearing multiple devices, we also understood that these devices need to be affordable, so people don’t have to make a large “investment” in tracking their health and habits. We want to democratize the wearables and tracker space, all the while developing tastefully constructed and fashion forward devices that fade into the background. We are building these devices as we speak, and the Trasense Movement is the first in the series.


Tell us about your products.

The Trasense Movement is our first device. It is a standard tracking device wearable that is worn on your wrist to track your steps, calories, and sleep cycles. It launched on Kickstarter last night for only $15 (plus shipping), and it packs the same punch in terms of hardware, data collection and visualization as the leading wearables in the space.

We are also in the prototyping phase of developing trackers that are embedded into classically designed men’s and women’s watches, bangles and necklaces. These devices are still in a development phase and will be released later this year. In addition to tracking the standard steps, calories, and sleep, these trackers will also sense UV, skin colors, heart rate, and other health data points. As we grow our set of devices, our customers will be collecting data points that will work in tandem with one another. These data points will then be analyzed and visualized for our users in the LYTICS application for iOS and Android devices.

What sets Trasense apart from other wearable companies?

We are building a wearable brand that has set out to create incredibly well designed wearables at the bleeding edge of tracking and sensing the environment of our users, all the while at an extremely affordable price. We want to democratize the wearables space, and let our customers feel great while wearing our devices.


What has been one of the most challenging parts of getting started? How did you overcome this and what did you learn?

For the past three years our team has been focused on designing, building, and shipping wearables in the typical OEM role from China. We have always wanted to build our own brand, and put our own stamp of design quality on the products we ship globally. As makers we are not a team of marketers, so we are in the early phase of making the world aware of the Trasense Movement, and everything in the pipeline. This is why we have turned to Kickstarter to let the world know what we have been developing.

Where can we buy your product, when is it available, and what is the cost?

Our product will be available on Kickstarter in typical crowdfunding “pre-sale” mode for 30 days. Early backers will be able to pick up Trasense Movement for only $15 plus shipping. Those that back later will have the opportunity to pick up a device for under $30. We have developed the smartest wearable for under $30 in the global market.

What can we expect next from Trasense?

Now that we’ve launched we will move to final development and production with the funds raised, and we aim to fulfill pre-orders by late August 2015. We are also in late stage development of a variety of other connected devices that we will be rolling out over the course of the next 12 months which include trackers that are embedded in a variety of “jewelry-like” devices.

To learn more about Trasense watch the video below, take a look at their website, and check out their Kickstarter campaign here. We’re looking forward to seeing what’s next!

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