What is Wedding Tech?

What is Wedding Tech?

Millions of happy couples will be getting married this summer, including our founder who happens to be getting married next week (!) So, we decided that now might be a good time to look at the definition of “wedding tech.”

Wedding tech, much like beauty tech, can be seen as a sister industry to fashion tech. When done right, it’s a way for technology to support a day meant to celebrate a beautiful union.

Any time that technology is incorporated into another world, in order for the adoption to be successful, the technology must disappear. No one wants to watch a beautiful wedding ceremony while struggling to see around rows of phones held in the air to take photos, and no one’s elderly relatives should have to strain their eyes to read a non-optimized app.

When used correctly, technology can save a couple time, open up lines of communication, and empower them to have the wedding of their dreams on the budget of their choosing.

Pinterest boards, wedding websites, and online registries are proliferate. Now, we’re also seeing the new and exciting business models we’ve come to expect from fashion tech making their way into wedding tech. To us, when done well, wedding tech can be a seamless way to plan, organize, and enhance a wedding.

Image c/o Hustle Your Bustle.

Image c/o Hustle Your Bustle.

Here are some of the wedding tech startups in our database:

Happily Ever Borrowed – rent bridal accessories

Nearly Newlywed – bridal boutique

Union Station (formerly known as Little Borrowed Dress)- buy or rent dresses for bridesmaids

Hustle Your Bustle – bridal marketplace

Lover.ly – wedding planning one-stop shop

Good luck to all of this season’s marrying couples–and to the startup entrepreneurs that are supporting them!

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