On Our Radar: Grabble

On Our Radar: Grabble

We all know that swiping right can be addictive–it’s as true of fashion as it is of dating. Grabble, a London-based startup has created a fashion app platform where you grab (swipe right) what you like and store it for later.–the app will then alert the user the item is on sale. Yes, they’ve been compared to a Tinder for fashion–and yes, it’s addictive to use. We recently spoke with Grabble’s Co-Founder and CMO Dan Murray to tell us more.

Describe Grabble.

Grabble is the best and fastest way to discover and purchase fashion on your phone. Our users swipe left and right through a curated feed of beautiful fashion products chosen by our team of stylists and led by our amazing Fashion Director Cherry Collins- (formerly Global Head Stylist from Net-A-Porter Group.)  Anything they swipe to the right is saved for later, and if it goes on sale they get an alert. We also provide regular inspiration for style and trend edits in our collections tab. Everything you see can be purchased through the app.

What inspired you to start Grabble?

I have a long family history in fashion. Eventually I went into advertising, and next I ran a daily deal site (which I hated). From these different experiences I became quite interested in a number of these overlapping areas and interested in consumer’s interactions on mobile. I have always been interested in solving problems, and to me, the issue that exists between mobile web and native apps for fashion and retail is a really challenging one. I think we have an interesting take on it, and an exciting approach that seems to work well with both retailers and consumers alike.


What sets Grabble apart from other fashion tech companies?

There’s a few things. To start with, we don’t set ourselves up like a fashion or a tech company. We are a mobile company. We are the first people to know everything that is going on globally on mobile, in every region, and the whole team is educated on it–it’s crucial to our business. We are in the business of creating monetizable content on mobile, and as such, we are always exploring exciting developments. As a case in point, we were on a Silicon Valley blog the other day where we were named one of the top 5 innovative mobile companies doing content better than others. It was us, Airbnb, Pinterest, Etsy and Slideshare. Not a bad group to be amongst! It’s because we really think about how our users access our content, and how we can delight them with subtle nuances that on mobile are the absolute essential bits and pieces that make the biggest difference.

What has been the hardest obstacle for you in creating Grabble?

Definitely funding. The UK doesn’t have the same approach to funding as the Americans do, and so it can often feel like a much harder slog but at each tranche I suppose it’s more rewarding. We never went out and just raised £1 million; we had to raise £50k, prove a bit, £250k, prove a bit more, £750k prove more, and so on. But to date we have managed to raise £1.2 (or $1.8 million) all from angels, and are currently now just looking at our Series A, so we have worked really hard to make sure we deliver at each milestone.


What has been your favorite part?

Definitely building a team I love. I get to choose who I work with every day and I think that’s the most rewarding part. No one at Grabble is someone I haven’t personally chosen through a grueling interview process. As my colleagues will confirm, I spend 30% of my time fundraising, 40% recruiting and the rest is split trying to do some actual work! But it’s worth it knowing that when you hire the right people, they stay around for the journey and that’s more valuable in the long term.

What can we expect from Grabble in the future?

Definitely a move to New York; that’s our intention. Grabble is currently available in the American App store but it’s all European retailers so we need to move to New York and begin testing the market there. We feel there’s a really exciting opportunity in doing so, but our roots will always remain British. The culture in London is incredible for fashion technology. It is very forward thinking and everything is easily accessible–from retailers to quality people and great consumers. Because of all this London is a good place to have a headquarters, but our eyes are very much set on coming over to New York as soon as we can.

To learn more about Grabble, check out their website here. We look forward to seeing them in NYC soon!

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