On Our Radar: hidn tempo

On Our Radar: hidn tempo

We don’t need connected devices to tell us that we have too much stress. What this new wearable tech startup is unique in offering is that it not only helps users measure stress–but it helps them manage it, too. hidn technology’s CEO and co-founder Jonas Angleflod tells us more.

Describe hidn technology.

hidn technology develops digital health solutions aimed directly towards consumers. We focus on developing end-to-end solutions that really help people to improve instead of just showing a number or measuring a current state. Our first product, hidn tempo, is a smart watch band that helps users manage stress through our methodology: awareness, knowledge, and action.

What inspired you to create hidn tempo?

We, the founders, have all been active within the telecom sector and had all come to our roads end within that sector in different ways. The wearable space at that time was really picking up pace but we saw major flaws from all suppliers. They made rubbery, ugly tech gadgets that focused on showing data. It was almost as if they were developed from the viewpoint of, “Hey, look at the cool stuff we made!” instead of developing something that brought true value for the users. [Editor’s note: Yes. Yes, it does seem that way a lot of days!]

Then we got a suggestion from a head doctor at a spine center in Stockholm. He wanted a simple solution for his psychologists to measure stress with during a session with a patient. After a few meetings between us three founders we boiled the idea down to a wearable stress coach. This wearable stress coach would help users manage stress through the entire process of gaining awareness, to building knowledge, and then turning that knowledge into action. Once that was done we decided to put this technology into a beautifully designed, normal wrist watch that anyone would normally wear.

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What sets hidn technology apart from other wearable companies?

With our first product, hidn tempo, we have focused on actually helping users understand what is causing their stress and how to change those behaviors. Other companies in the wearable space are still focused on measuring and showing data in a graph but that doesn’t help the broad mass of users. It takes a lot of time, effort and knowledge to turn those numbers and graphs into a real plan for action. That is what we provide to our users and that is our true uniqueness. [Editor’s note: Adding value to user’s lives should be a goal of every company out there, especially wearables and IoT brands.]

What has been one of the most challenging parts of getting started? How did you overcome this and what did you learn?

Everything is a struggle and a challenge when you are a startup. But if I had to pick one it would be the development of the stress coach. Psychologists and therapists are like artists and they talk about emotions and things that are hard to put into code. Trying to build a methodology of their way of working is like trying to mathematically calculate how to paint a masterpiece painting.

We started with trying to build a methodology based on how they work from interviews we did with them and we really didn’t get anywhere. After some frustrated sessions we decided to go about the problem from the opposite side. In this case it was from the user’s expectations rather than the psychologist’s expectations. That set the framework for what we wanted to achieve and then we started building a new methodology together with the psychologists and therapists to match that. It sounds obvious and simple now but it really took a complete opposite way of thinking to solve it. That taught us to always ask the question, “What if we do it from the exact opposite way?” whenever we get stuck.

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Where can we buy hidn tempo, when is it available, and what is the cost?

Initially we will be selling hidn tempo from our webpage. The price is € \199 for the hidn tempo watch and an all inclusive service for 18 months. You can also choose to buy it as a monthly subscription for €9.95 for 18 months.

We will start taking pre-orders from the European market directly after the summer of 2015.  We aim to start shipping late in Q4 2015. The US market will be added a bit later, probably around Q1 2016.

What can we expect next from hidn technology?

We are planning a very special version of the hidn tempo watch band in the near future that will bring a lot of value to a great number of users. Unfortunately I can’t be more specific than that right now.

In a long term future there are a great number of problems within personal health that we can apply our methodology on. Many health issues today are caused by our way of life and not bacteria or viruses. That means that by helping users to understand what behaviours are causing their problems and how to change them is really the way forward for private health.

hidn technology has strong values and smart ideas going for them–so we look forward to seeing what they come out with next! To learn more take a look at their website and watch the video below.

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