On Our Radar: HiSmart

On Our Radar: HiSmart

Introducing the convertible smart bag: with all the wearable tech items being created, this one isn’t like the others. Here is a bag that converts into different types of bags, and has tech that syncs with your phone to do many “phone things” without needing to actually pull out your mobile device. We caught up with Louis Zheng of Lepow to learn more.

Describe Lepow.

Founded in 2013, Lepow is a Silicon Valley hardware company. We serve consumers by providing a better tech life using everyday gadgets. Our team consists of cool people: geeks, designers and entrepreneurs. Every time we begin creating a new product, we ask ourselves what kind of functionality and design would fascinate us most. Lepow has an award-winning team (awards include Best of the Show CES 2014 by iLounge and the Red Dot Design Award.)

Tell us about the HiSmart.

HiSmart was created to be a bag city goers would love to carry everyday. As the world’s first smart convertible urban bag, it will sync with a user’s phone to make hands-free calls, pin their location, play music, prevent phone loss, and so on. We make HiSmart to simplify the city life and make it more efficient.


What inspired you to create the HiSmart?

We solve the problem of the limited choices men and women have when choosing a suitable bag for the office. The HiSmart fits all occasions and all carrying capacity needs while organizing every device placed inside.

Typically men don’t buy different bags like women. They rarely buy a bag just for work or just for hiking – we’ve seen so many people carry unprofessional looking bags to work. We wanted to make a bag that looked professional in the office, but can also be causal for weekend outings. For that, we decided to make the bag convertible. Rather than be limited to one look, the user can change its orientation. It also solves another problem; of space. There are times when you carry a lot and times when you carry a little. For the HiSmart to be able to change to a backpack, it meant that the HiSmart can make more room for items such as a 15-inch laptop or textbooks.

We also wanted to find the simplest way to use the phone, especially for commuters. The bag solves that problem on many different levels. With one simple push you can be reminded where you parked your car or where that favorite place is that you have been to. It can record inspirational ideas in seconds without taking time to find the right app on your phone. HiSmart can pick up phone calls without taking out the phone. You can also easily find your lost phone through the HiRemote.

What sets the HiSmart apart from other wearables?

Wristbands and watches are too common in the smart device area. We found there is a niche market in bags which has not changed for years. This was confirmed to us as we succeeded in the crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. Throughout that campaign there were a number of market followers such as Samsonite who were really interested in our product. We are confident HiSmart is a gadget people will use daily in their lives.


What has been the hardest obstacle for you in creating the HiSmart? What has been your favorite part?

The hardest obstacle in the HiSmart project was exploring different ways to integrate all the functions into the slim “smart” chip. Our favorite part was gathering around a big screen together, and watching the funds we were raising growing everyday. Some days we held our breaths and stared at the numbers as they jumped up higher and higher on the screen until finally we hit the goal of $50K. Later we were told the HiSmart was the “most-funded” smart bag campaign in crowdfunding.

Where can we buy the HiSmart and what is the cost?

You can visit our website to pre-order the HiSmart for $299.

What can we expect next from Lepow?

In the future, we plan to work with even more designers to bring even cooler gadgets. HiSmart doesn’t just stop at a smartbag with one style only, we will develop a series of bags for different target audiences such as outdoor bags and purses. We have a lot of makings in the works.

To learn more, watch the video below and check out HiSmart’s website here.

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