On Our Radar: MeCam

On Our Radar: MeCam

This startup has created a high quality, light weight, wearable camera for users to take with them to capture moments in their lives. We caught up with MeCam’s CEO & Founder Drew Martin to tell us more.

Describe MeCam.

MeCam makes the world’s best wearable and mountable video cameras. MeCam was developed as a solution to easily capture people’s lives on the go. From those crazy nights out on the town, to events and vacations, MeCam is the perfect device for users to have on at all times to record their memories. The MeCam culture is all about a fun, active lifestyle and capturing life to share with friends and family, or just to keep for one’s personal archives.

Tell us about your products.

We offer three models currently–a fun, whimsical model that comes in five colors called the MeCam Classic; a more advanced and higher quality camera that has built in Wifi and an accompanying app called the MeCam HD; and an action camera that comes with a waterproof case, an LCD screen on the back, and a watch to control it, called the MeCam X.


What inspired you to start MeCam?

I started MeCam because I was living in NYC and wanted a way to capture me and my friend’s nights out. I had invested in a Spyware company (nanny cams, etc) and thought it was a great tech that wasn’t being packaged the right way. That was how MeCam was born. The MeCam Classic was our first camera.

What sets MeCam apart from other wearable companies?

MeCam is different because our cameras are meant to be worn on user’s clothes. They are smaller, lighter, and cheaper than anything else on the market.

What has been one of the most challenging parts of getting started? How did you overcome this and what did you learn?

The hardest part of getting started is learning about manufacturing. Finding a partner to innovate is hard. [Editor’s note: It really is!] And of course money is always the biggest issue. We have grown slowly organically over the last two years and have reinvested all of our revenues to get to where we are today. We are currently raising money now that we have a full product line and a track record of sales.


I have learned the entire manufacturing process and distribution process. It has taken time but now I will have that knowledge forever.

Where can we buy your products and what is the cost?

Consumers can buy our products on our website, Amazon, and about 10-15 other online retailers if consumers search around. (We are not focusing on brick and mortar retail right now.)

What can we expect next from MeCam?

MeCam is focusing on video editing next. People are shooting hours and hours of content and need a way to turn this content into something entertaining that they can sell. We recently got a patent for our program that will go through user’s footage, pick the highlights and turn it into a 1-2 minute movie that can be easily shared. We think this will be really useful and exciting for our users.

To find out more about MeCam head on over to their website and check out the video below.

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